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CSR and PepsiCo1Mission of PepsiCo IndiaTo be the world's premier consumer Products Company focused on convenience foods andbeverages. We seek to produce healthy financial rewards to investors as we provide opportunitiesfor growth and enrichment to our employees, our business partners and the communities inwhich we operate. And in everything we do, we strive for honesty, fairness and integrity."Company overviewPepsiCo, one of the leading food and beverage companies of India entered in Indian market in1989. Pepsi soon became one of the largest multinational investors of the country and thereforeestablished their business in order to serve the long term customer’s dynamic needs of thecountry. The company and its partners have invested a considerable amount of US $1 billionsince its establishment and it employs around 150,000 people which includes distributors andsuppliers. The company offers an expansive food and beverage business and has set up 43bottling plants in India. The whole operational and business projects are implemented on thebasis of sustainability. The commitment of Pepsi Co is to live by its thoughtful vision in order tocontribute to the farmers, country and to their consumers.The organization believes that the performance of the company is directly linked to the agenda asit reflects the commitment of the company. Throughout its journey it has focussed on the threemajor areas ofenvironmental, human and talent sustainability (Basu, D., & Basu, G., 2010, July).Environmental Sustainabilitycomes from the commitment of the organization for strivingtowards replenishment of the resources and to minimize the environmental impact. Further the
CSR and PepsiCo2company is striving to reduce its electricity and water consumption along with improvement intheir packaging sustainability. Some of the initiatives being taken by the organization includesre-use of water coming from processing plants and have been supporting the farmers to deliver“more crop per drop.” The company has been taking initiatives towards waste management,agriculture,rejuvenating traditional water harvesting etc.Human Sustainabilitycomes from the goal of treating their customers with healthy eatables andproducts. It has been offering high nutrition and taste to their customers. The company hasreformulated the improvement of their nutritional profile by launching nutritious snacks andbeverages. The organization in partnership with thehealth officials, Governments, and Non-Governmental Organizations in order to address the issues related to obesity and provided theircustomers with innovative and healthy choices (Spreitzer, G., Porath, C. L., & Gibson, C. B. ,2012).Talent Sustainabilityhas been found by the organization in order to build an empoweredworkforce and encourage people to work together. The organization has encouraged people tobring their whole selves to the work. The organization has, as a result, increased their minorityand female representation further encouraging the employees to participate among thecommunity services along with creation of various rewarding opportunities for their employeesand people with different abilities.The CSR policies and their theories are directly dependent on the social responsibilities arisingfrom the fact that the extent of the social power of the corporation isunderstood clearly and isinvolved with the citizens and the community.Davis (1960) suggested that the origin of thepolitical power being offered by the CSR proposing that organizations are social institution and
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