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CS/SE 3RA3 Assignment 11.Identify the set of stakeholders to be interviewed and explain why each of them isrelevant to the elicitation process.AnswerStakeholdersRelevance1.UsersThey are the end users of the app so they needto be contacted and their interests andpreferences need to be identified.2.Software Engineer APIThey will develop the database and the APIs.This is required for inserting the data andfetching the data which will be done throughthe APIs. Their concerns, suggestions andskills needs to be considered before startingthis project.3.Software Engineer DCEThis stakeholder will test the data entered bythe users and he will maintain the integrity inthe database so that the data is not overloaded.Their concerns, suggestions and skills needs tobe considered before starting this project.4.Ad VendorThey will display the advertisements for theapp and they are the third party. So, they are animportant part of this elicitation process.1
2.For each interviewee, determine the purpose of the interview and the type ofinformation to be acquired.AnswerIntervieweePurpose of the interviewType of informationUsersTheir requirements need to beidentified so that the app cansuit their needs andrequirements and they are ableto use it without any problem.Preferences of the users on thebasis of functionality anddesign.Software Engineer APITo inquire about the formatthat he will use to design thedatabase and the databaseengine that he will use.The number and the attributesof the table that will be put inthe database.Software Engineer DCETo inquire about the methodthat will be deployed fortesting and to inquire aboutthe way by which data errorwill be corrected.Testing methods, type ofprogram for correction of theerrors.Ad VendorTo inquire about the thingsthat they look for beforeplacing the ads and therequirements of the ad vendorsfor their ads.The design of the template forad and the specificrequirements of the advendors.3.Design a structured set of questions for that purpose and that interviewee.2
AnswerIntervieweeQuestionsUsers1.Are you willing to customize the offers on your phone?2.Will you agree to share your information via the app?3.What are the reasons for your refusal of the authentication orthe sharing of the information process?4.Do you wish to login from many different accounts? Wouldyou like to access the data from more than one source likeFacebook, LinkedIn or Twitter?5.Would you like the app to access your location so that theoffers can be displayed accordingly?6.Would you like to have an option of not seeing certain kindsof ads?7.Would you like to have an option of turning off thenotifications for the ads etc.?8.Would you like to have an option by which you can changeyour settings within the app anytime you want?Software EngineerAPI1.How would you normalize the database with the givenstructure?2.How do you generate API token and authenticate with thatparticular user?Software EngineerDCE1.How would you detect and correct the duplicate data?2.How do you integrate the data from different tables tominimize the number of tables?3.How will you check the inconsistency of the information and3
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