UNCC100 : Self and Community | Exploring the Anatomy of Modern Society

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CST, SELF AND COMMUNITYCatholic Social ThoughtsCST or Catholic Social Thoughts consisted of nine principles that are explained below.Human DignityHuman dignity serves as the base for the Catholic Social Thoughts. This is deeply relatedto the ethical experience and understanding of the humans. The dignity is given greatsignificance because of God’s imprinting of own image on the human (Hedley, 2016). The worldhas seen great changes in the recent history and catholic social thoughts have modified itaccordingly. The human dignity has been suffering great challenges because of the extremeconsumption behavior. This self absorbed practice has led us to ignore the dignity and getengaged in corruption (Kucuk, 2016). Catholic social thought demonstrate that as every humansoul bears the image of the God, the dignity must be protected from corruption. The life anddeath should be left in God’s hands as catholic social thoughts explain that the god only possessthe authority to start or end it and every human rights must be protected.Common good of the CommunityThe concept of individualism is contradictory of the catholic social thoughts’ principle ofcommunity and common good. The individualism can be seen as the result of modern dayschanges like the globalization or the coming of the internet era. The more the world gotconnected and the self-centrism got increased. Catholic social thoughts teach us that we mustwork together in order to achieve the common good (Etzioni, 2014). The good is common for theindividual and for the community. The doctrine places the common good between thecommunism and individualism so that every member of the society gets the benefit of it. Every
CST, SELF AND COMMUNITYindividual is equally responsible for bringing the common good by contributing their part withinthe community.Promotion for PeaceCatholic teaching gives a lot of importance to the promotion of global peace. Only apeaceful world can engage in good work and development of human is possible. The catholicdoctrine’s support of ‘just war’ is often criticized but the reason is often overlooked. The catholicsocial thoughts highlights that war is necessary at times to reestablish the tranquility and peace ofthe world. The violence is not aim for the war, it become absolutely necessary and only tool tomaintain the peace of the nations (Lonsdale, 2016). That is why it is being observed that manynations are adapting the just war theory in the practice of restoring peace.SubsidiarityThis principle of catholic social thoughts can be simply defined as helping each other inthe communal structure to manage the well being of the society. The church tells the governmentto become the protector not the dictator (Curran, 2014). The smaller organization and individualare given power by this principle. It is expected by the catholic teaching that the complexorganizations must leave the issues to the simpler ones that can be resolved by them (Barber &Ekins, 2016). The individuals or smaller groups will resolve them collaboratively. Thegovernment should not interfere with the inner issues of a community as this might hamper thepeaceful orders of the community.
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