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CUC107 Cultural Intelligence and Capability Assignment

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Cultural Intelligence and Capability (CUC107)


Added on  2020-05-11

CUC107 Cultural Intelligence and Capability Assignment


Cultural Intelligence and Capability (CUC107)

   Added on 2020-05-11

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Running head: CULTURAL INTELLIGENCE AND CAPABILITY 1Cultural Intelligence and Capability(Author’s name)(Institutional Affiliation)
CUC107 Cultural Intelligence and Capability Assignment_1
CULTURAL INTELLIGENCE AND CAPABILITY 2 DiscussionFor one to develop cultural intelligence, it is integral for him/her have cultural selfawareness. The arguments presented in this paper provide insight into understanding othercultures, other people’s perspective on particular issues, understanding the concept of individualuniqueness and understanding ones one culture. Whereas cultural self awareness constitutes thefoundation of communication between different individuals, cultural intelligence reflects to thecapacity of an individual to understand and work effectively in different cultures. Understanding the background of people entails knowing where the people come from,their customs and cultures they practice in their daily lives. Obtaining this understanding will notonly help in the development of cultural intelligence capabilities but also help in avoidingmisunderstandings with individuals from different cultures. For example, during my childhood Ihad a friend called Muhammad Khan who was a Muslim. Before meeting him I had a lot ofmisunderstanding with regards to Islam and the practices of Muslims. The misunderstanding wasas a result of the negative portrayal of individual from the Muslim community by some of myfriends. Muslims were portrayed as cruel individuals who did not like individuals from othercultures. This misconception was shattered when I started talking to Muhammad and realizedthat Muslims are not the cruel people they are painted out to be but more or less like othermembers of the society. In such situations, having cultural awareness helps one to betterunderstand peoples background and in doing so attain cultural intelligence. Developing an understanding of individual uniqueness plays a significant role in theattainment of cultural self awareness. Each and every person has his/her own way of approachingand dealing with situations. This is influenced by their background, their home country, the foodthey consume, the people they interact with on a daily basis, and the conversation he/she has
CUC107 Cultural Intelligence and Capability Assignment_2
CULTURAL INTELLIGENCE AND CAPABILITY 3with friends, relatives and partner. Other factors that influence how a person approaches asituation include the level of education he/she has attained, the co curricular and sorting activitieshe/she engages in, the environment he/she grew up in and many other factors. An individual who has attained cultural self awareness is capable of understanding thatpeople are unique. Each person has his/her own back story and reasons that influence his ideaand or conclusion formulation. Through the use of his/her cultural intelligence an individual canreach the realization that he/she should not make judgments or assumptions about other peoplewho are different from them. For example, a school cricket competition provides Rock and Jocktwo novices who have never played cricket an opportunity to do so. The two are from differentbackgrounds and each has his own approach towards preparing for their first ever match whichwill be in one week. Rocks father is an exceptional cricket player and Rock has observed himprepare for matches since his early years. Based on what he had observed his father do, Rockapproached the cricket net and started to practice his batting, fielding and bowling for one houreach on day 1.Through the practice he realized that he was good at batting and thus for the next six daysof practice he focused more on batting and less on bowling and fielding. Jack on the other handdoes not have a family member or friends with interest in sports. In conducting his practice, hetried bowling for two days, fielding for two days and batting for two days. Through the practice,he had a realization that he was good at batting but the realization only come three days to thematch giving him little time to practice further. Rock’s batting in the match was exemplarybecause he had realized what he was good at earlier on than Jack and as a result he had sufficienttime to practice and perfect his batting. The practice approach that he utilized came fromobserving his father and thus was influenced by his background. Based on the example it is
CUC107 Cultural Intelligence and Capability Assignment_3

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