Cultural Analysis on Asian People

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Running head: CULTURAL ANALYSIS ON ASIAN PEOPLECULTURAL ANALYSIS ON ASIAN PEOPLEName of the StudentsName of the UniversityAuthor Note
CULTURAL ANALYSIS ON ASIAN PEOPLE1Practicing Border CrossingAll across the world, the people of different origin have faced some or the otherdifficulties due the difference in their culture and origin. However they do not have any languageproblem; still, their origin may be a reason behind conflict for the white people. There are severalcases where cultural assimilation has come from the Asians, still in in between this those personsor the community seems like odd. I Most of the Asians have shifted their place for theeducational reason or for the occupational reason as they have this belief that existing culturalsituation and widespread agreement with the educational system of that country support themand guide them to peruse their education in an ethical way (Eisenbeiss & Brodbeck, 2014).Indian and Chinese cultures have got much appreciation from the rest of the world thus a socialharmony was presented in this case.I have interacted with lot of Asians and Communicated with them, I have understoodtheir thinking. I have also gained knowledge of their traditional mindset and re-interpreted thesituation with the adapted contemporary situation. There are some significant cases where Asianpeople have shifted in other places and started living there for long. The accent and bodylanguage has been completely changing (Greenfield, 2014). The people are only differentiated byskin color People from Asia have acknowledged the fact that they are from Asian republic andthey have certain specialties that all those Asian have. The predicament with such an advance isthat it equates critical philosophy with only one rational convention (North & Fiske, 2015). Mostof the cases the investigations are required for the differentiation in color as the white people aremore in percentage. In this given video, an indication of adopting new culture is there from theBritish people. It demonstrates that they also love the culture (, 2013).White people love other countries food habits, good foods, and important cultures. British people
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