Cultural Analysis on Asian People (Doc)

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Running head: CULTURAL ANALYSIS ON ASIAN PEOPLECULTURAL ANALYSIS ON ASIAN PEOPLEName of the StudentsName of the UniversityAuthor Note
CULTURAL ANALYSIS ON ASIAN PEOPLE1Assumptions to OthersThe psychology of the Asian provides a different conceptual framework from the rest ofthe world. There are three key concepts or themes that have to be presented by the scenario forthe establishment of Asian culture. These are reciprocity, other-directedness, andsynchronization. Along with the presentation, I have also liked to highlight the communicationtheory for the better interaction process for the developing culture and implementation.Circularity, Relation ability, and Synchronization all these are the establishment of the Asiancentric paradigm that includes the reviewed literature perspective for the people from Asia (Freyet al.2014).There are certain similar cases that are happening with some of my colleagues regarding thecommunication process with Asian rotted people. Sometimes those Asian people asked for theroute or asked for the particular direction or even in case of buying or selling something theyhave faced this kind of situation. Asian people are interested to interact as their communication isnot an obstacle for them (Han & Ma, 2014). On the other hand, British or white people aregenerously and patiently noticed and followed in some cases. Moreover, they tried to imitate theculture and the tradition of them by expressing some greeting in their style or any othersymbolism. There are some funny incidents that have taken place during the communicationprocess as both the parties have the individualism and different approach of learning and alsodifferent kind of culture. Still, the big accumulation of conceptual blend has placed during theprocess of communication.I have learned the processing of Asian people and their existence in the outer worldthrough the communicating aspect of conceptual development (Lopez, 2012). In this videoanalysis, the convection of individualism and the philosophical assumption of human
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