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Running head: CULTURAL ENTREPRENEURSHIPThe Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra: Cultural EntrepreneurshipName of the Student:Name of the University:Author note:
1CULTURAL ENTERPRENEURSHIP1 With the passages of the year, a significant change can be noticed and the tendency of theyounger people with time and pace are changing (Bennett 2013). A depart can be wellnoticed when the young generation in today’s world is changing its taste from the classicalmusic to the modern day music which incorporates, pop, raps and other genre music. Theyounger generation generally visit less number of classical concerts that their generation whowere interested in the classical music (Bennett 2013). Therefore, a cultural change cannot berolled out and in order to make audiences younger is the procedures of bringing the culturalchanges in the genre of the classical music.Debora Borda’s career has been acknowledged by the creative way of leading, herconcentration on coming up with innovative techniques and also looked forward to changethe outlook of the orchestras in the era of 21stcentury (Bennett 2013). Deborah Borda isconsidered to the Chief Executive Officer of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, she was alsosuccessful in managing the biggest symphonic organization in the United States of America.In the year 2000, Borda gave new life to constructs the hall of Wall Disney Concert andworked on the scope of the presentation of the organization (Majno 2012; Bennett 2013). Inthe year 2009, Debora gained the attention of the world of Classical Music through theappointment of Gustavo Dudamel as the director of LA Philharmonic music. Theseaccomplishments are linked to the prosperous business and education which Bordasuccessfully developed after she arrive Los Angeles and has been acknowledged fororchestra’s restoring to an artistic health. The creative team of LA under Borda is beingutilized through the collaboration of disciplines, continents and genres. Under Borda (Spitzer2012; Peterson 2012). The LA continued the collaborations of the tradition ofmultidisciplinary field and this also incorporates the working of the video artists and alsothrough the composition of music gives the entrance of the new ideas by waging onlinediscussions. These are new strategies developed by Debora to advance the classical music’s
2CULTURAL ENTERPRENEURSHIPforum. In the year 2015, with the introduction of applications based on Orchestra VR andVan Beethoven were successfully garnered the attention of the international forum (Majno2012; Seric et al 2012).2. The Los Angeles was finding more ways to inculcate the new communities in the forum ofWalt Disney Concert by organizing specific programs such as bringing new forms of musicacross the different genres having different cultural backgrounds which incorporate world,rock and jazz, new music and world music by having the intention of some of the people areattending these kind of concerts which are considered to be enough for the performance inOrchestra (Spitzer 2012; Peterson 2012). By producing a much varieties of genres of musicfor the variety of audiences inside the concert hall, an enhancement of the comfort in thesurroundings for the audiences who are attending and these are the audiences who might gofor to attend the performances in orchestra at the some point of time (Bridges and Bridges2017).However meeting the target and retain the new audiences through the programmingand festivals which also include the complexities in order to send numerous messages.Debora Borda was asked about the demographic move to the view of the retaining of themicro audiences (Hawthorne 2013). One of the greatest benefits of having Gustavo who isconsidered to be a great musician in the Latino Heritage and the way it links musically withthe interest of the diverse communities in the place of LA. Gustavo is considered to be aneminent conductor who is indulged in commissioning new kinds of works. LA Philharmonicis being responsible for 400 decades of music; among them the majority has its root fromEurope (Hawthorne 2013). Therefore in order to manage the large number of audience andcommunities, their taste and preferences are most importantly needs to be taken into accountand the presence of good musician and director could help to manage and balance the
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