Cultural Mind Map Assignment

Added on - 21 Feb 2021

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Cultural Mind MapMind Map is a diagram that depicts behavioural tendencies and relationships betweenexperience and present behaviour.Folklore: We have always been told to respect our elders. Since childhood, we aretold that it’s a great blessing to grow older. My mother would tell me a story about Lizardand Chameleon that was sent by The Creator to deliver his message. Chameleon was toldabout people won’t be dying and the Lizard was told that the people are about to die. We stillbelieve that growing old is a privilege from the creator and thus, we respect our elders.Religion: Many of us have accepted Christianity. But the rest part believes inancestral spirits. Our people had this tradition of offerings and sacrifices to the ancestralspirits, we believe in them, they guide us and keep us safe. We pray to them for our health.When we face a problem we call herbalist who communicates with ancestors and if needed,gives us herbs as well. But as the foreign people came, they brought their things to us.Slowly, some people began believing in Christianity, some still believe in ancestral spirit,some of us believe in both.Clothing: We have grown with our surroundings. Zulu people like me wear urbanclothes. But we haven’t forgotten our values of traditional clothing. A single woman willwear beads and proudly flaunt their body. If she has a husband, she will cover her body toshow that she belongs to someone. But we prefer to wear traditional clothing on specialoccasions only.Education: We are not much different from the African community when it comes toliteracy. Zulu people are gradually showing their interest in education. Earlier we wouldfocus on work and earn, but now a change is coming in the Zulu community. If our peoplecan afford education, we surely send them to schools and colleges.
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