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(PDF) Why is cultural safety essential in health care?

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Added on  2021-04-24

(PDF) Why is cultural safety essential in health care?

   Added on 2021-04-24

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(PDF) Why is cultural safety essential in health care?_1
Cultural Safety in Healthcare1MIND MAP
(PDF) Why is cultural safety essential in health care?_2
Cultural Safety in Healthcare2Cultural Safety in HealthcareCulture moulds a person both implicitly and explicitly. It impacts our actions, thoughts andthe way we perceive things and people around us. Moral values and beliefs enrich the humanexperiences[ CITATION Shi12 \l 16393 ]. HinduDharma (religion) incorporates various castesand their implicit knowledge which makes it a high-context religion. It has rich values,beliefs and behaviours. Our cultural backgrounds influence our interaction within theenvironment. Cultural safety in health care becomes an important issue because of thepresence of power inequity in the healthcare system. Indigenous people around the globe facecultural differences and discrimination in the healthcare system. Also, the customs pertainingto a certain culture may have a negative impact on the physical and mental well-being of anindividual. Thus, a practitioner’s outlook on the diverse cultured patients has strongconsiderations on his/her values and beliefs of his culture. It more than often contributestowards the profession because it develops over the time and with reasoning. They developfair and just thinking among the individuals[ CITATION Rog11 \l 16393 ].Being a Hindu, my culture has enriched me with the vast knowledge and reach of theVedas[ CITATION Kau18 \l 16393 ]. They have inculcated truth, morals and values in my life.Ayurveda has imparted the understanding of herbs and benefits of natural products in me andin my practice. My culture values all lives irrespective. Each life on earth needs to be lovedand nurtured. Everyone has a right as well as duty to be revered. They are considered to besacred and each is important to maintain the natural balance. Therefore, it becomes a vitalpart of my living to value all the beings as significant both as a practitioner and as a human. Ithas taught me not to differentiate people on the grounds of caste, colour, religion and sex.There is equality in freedom and expression which is also essential to invoke in the patients.As a practitioner, it is important to help out the patients and make their lives better.Non-violence is a value that is taught among all the major religions of the world which as apractitioner is my duty to follow. It promotes vegetarianism for the sake of animals and theother life forms[ CITATION PPr11 \l 16393 ]. Abortion is a sin in the Hindu culture. Children aresacred and selective abortion is unjust. I have adopted this value as a part of my practice.According to Karma, what we give is what we receive[ CITATION Sye11 \l 16393 ]. The causeand effect relationship of the world creates a sense moral duty to work in fair and justmanner. Our acts of kindness influence the behaviours of the people around us. The energiesand the acts which we transmit are the kind that we receive in return. I handle the people with
(PDF) Why is cultural safety essential in health care?_3

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