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Running head: CULTURAL SELF AWARENESS AND CULTURAL INTELLIGENCECultural Self Awareness and Cultural IntelligenceName of Student:Name of University:Author’s Note:
First and last name of Student:There have been several definitions of the term cultural intelligence but simply it can bedefined as the capability of interacting confidently and in an effective manner by which thepeople from different cultural backgrounds interact with each other on both a professional andsocial level. Cultural intelligence requires a certain amount of awareness regarding the ownculture of a person and also the differences of culture regarding the way in which people think aswell as behave. Those individuals who have experiences of working with people of differentcultures have knowledge of the cultures and they are globally accepting. The interculturaltraining initiatives and that of cross cultural interactions, make the globally accepting people inadapting effectively at the time of working across cultures (MacNab & Worthley, 2012).The concept of cultural self awareness is regarding the awareness as to how culture hasbeen responsible for influencing the self. There are differences in which the awareness of theindividuals exists based on the impact of culture on them. It is crucial for every person topossess cultural self awareness. This becomes important at the time of cross-cultural interaction.Cultural self awareness is actually concerned with being aware of the cultural identity of aperson. It allows people to look into their own selves for their weaknesses, fears, strengths,biases along with the goals and motivation. Therefore cultural awareness is important for thecross cultural interaction. In case a person is aware of the cultures of a person, there is animmense amount of help in understanding the values and beliefs of different persons.It is natural for every person to have his or her own culture and therefore there is animmense diversity of the cultures all around the world. Particularly at the time of interacting withanother person cultural awareness becomes crucial. There also needs to be an awarenessregarding the behaviour for avoiding miscommunication and making a proper meaning of theparticular ideas that have been communicated. Cultural awareness is a vital step towards culturalcompetence (Ang & Van Dyne, 2015).It is sometimes perceived that it is difficult for people to become aware of their culturalbiases. It is even difficult to understand the perceptions of other cultures. The way in whichculture perpetuates itself is by means of naturalisation. Cultural quotient is nothing but theorganisational psychology and the theory of management. It basically relates to the continuousmethod of learning and aptitude in order to develop personally by means of such learning. Thereare certain differences in the intercultural domains and this is true in case of multicultural[Type text]Page1
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