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Curriculum Planning Analysis

Create a resource for teaching reading in a chosen context, including a teaching sequence, assessment plan, and choice of appropriate tasks and resources.

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Added on  2022-08-16

Curriculum Planning Analysis

Create a resource for teaching reading in a chosen context, including a teaching sequence, assessment plan, and choice of appropriate tasks and resources.

   Added on 2022-08-16

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Curriculum Planning Analysis_1
Teaching and Learning Context:
Pedagogical methods are essentially used for the students to make them involved in the
teaching processes and practices. It is a teaching method, which simultaneously includes both the
theories and the practice of the teaching policies. The pedagogical teaching method includes the
mental growth of the children and at the same time, the psychological growth and changes of the
same. The pedagogical approaches of learning are essentially included for the children aged
between 3 to 12 years. In the following lesson plan, the education plan fior the level 3 children
will be discussed.
The lesson plan will be developed considering the lacks and the needs for understanding
English literature and language. English is an international language used in all forms of business
relations. Even, to get into good college the children of the country must have a good and proper
understanding of the English language. More importantly, since the country is faces with
extreme diversity, therefore, people from different language background is a common
phenomenon. Hence, the political leaders of the country has made English the business and the
formal language to be used (Albright, Knezevic, and Farrell. 2013). Therefore, the educational
practitioners and the teachers have felt the need that in order to make English the most practiced
and used language the students or the children of the country must have a proper understanding
of the language, and therefore, it is important to include an effective learning session of the
language since an early age. According to the teachers the practices of teaching must be included
at a very early age.
In this noition, it is important to mention that the teaching method which is included in
the following lesson plan, is for a school which includes students belonging from a very low
Curriculum Planning Analysis_2
economic background. The educational institution also includes the children belonging to the
Torres Strait islands and the Aboriginals of the country. Therefore, the learning plan which is
proposed and included in the following assignment has included cheap but effective resources,
and has ensured the use of the involvement and the engagement of the teachers into the program.
Pedagogical Approach Used:
Before developing the learning plans, it is important to incorporate and discuss about the
various pedagogical approaches that have been used in the assignment.
First, an Integrative approach has been used. The integrative approach refers to the
integration of all the methods and the modes into the learning process. According to the teachers
since the lesson plan will be including children of level 3, therefore, there must be an integration
of the teaching methods and all the discourses. An integration maintained among all the
discourses will help and improve the cognition process of the children (Yadav, Hong, and
Stephenson. 2016).
Secondly, the Reflective approach will be used. The reflective methods includes the
teachers who are the second pivotal part of the lesson plan. The reflective approach of the
pedagogy requires the teachers to reflect upon the methods that they have used. The teachers are
required and asked to reflect upon their personal skills and the teaching methods and processes
that they have used in the lesson planning (Yadav, Hong, and Stephenson. 2016). At the same
time, they will asked to reflect upon their won skills and performances. Such an approach s used
to better the learning experience for the children.
A third approach is the Constructivist approach, which includes the construction of the
learning processes. According to the teachers the environment of the classroom and the methods
Curriculum Planning Analysis_3
and the practices involved by the teachers have an impact upon the children and the learning
methods are organized in a way which will be helpful for the children to develop their cognition
and their processes of understanding (Tran, and Moodie, 2013).
Next, the collaborative approach will be used by the teachers. The collaborative
approach, as the name suggests refer to the collaboration of a number of approaches. Upon
reviewing the lesson plan it will be understood that the teachers of the educational institution has
included and involved a number of teaching modes and methods tin order to ensure a complete
an effective understanding among the children (Guàrdia, Maina, and Sangrà. 2013). Here, the
aim of the teachers or the educationists is to ensure a complete development of the abilities of the
children in learning and practicing English.
Lastly, the inquiry based approach will be included in the practice of the lesson plan. The
inquiry based approach of the lesson plan refers to involving an inquiry while developing the
lesson plan. According to Guàrdia, Maina, and Sangrà, (2013), while developing a lesson pan, it
is important to involve an inquiry based approach, as that will help the teachers or the lesson
planner to understand which of the method or educational practice will be helpful for the
students or the children.
Justification of the Pedagogical Approaches:
The above discussion refers that five basic approaches have been included in the teaching
methods or in developing the lesson plan. Now it is important to understand the reasons for the
inclusion of these teaching approaches. Since the lesson plan had included children of level 3,
therefore, it is found by the lesson planners, that the approaches which are to be included must be
strategic in practice. Firstly, according to the lesson planner and the teachers, if there is an
Curriculum Planning Analysis_4

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