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Customer Retention : Assignment

Added on - 30 Nov 2020

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Running head: CUSTOMER DEVELOPMENT AND RETENTION1Customer Development and RetentionStudent’s NameInstitutional Affiliation
CUSTOMER DEVELOPMENT AND RETENTION2Customer Development and RetentionCustomer development and retention entail the objective strategy of an organizationhaving to maintain its long term relationship with their customer. It is a strategy that helps anorganization to reflect on its loyal customers at the end of its trading period effectively(Agolla,Makara, & Monametsi, 2018). It is a continuous process that requires the responsibility of everymember of the organization to ensure that the company retains and advances in their brandloyalty through all levels of customer loyalty(Preikschas, Cabanelas, Rüdiger, & Lampón,2017). The essay will thus look at the various recommendations that an organization cansuccessfully use in the quest to maintain and improve its brand customer loyalty in the long run.The various recommendations include the following;The first recommendation to deliver for the long term in Xerox Company is constantresearch, with research; the organization should set up matrix analysis on for instance, why theircustomers are leaving and analyze ways in which they can easily create ways to address theissues(Appel, Haenlein, Libai, & Muller, 2017). Research can entail the organization sendingout open-ended questionnaires to ascertain the reasons why customers are deflecting.Xerox Company being a customer-centered organization, can create a product, offers, andproduct-based customer site that will link the organization to its customer base(Min, Zhang,Kim & Srivastava, 2016). With such an elaborate means to the collection of feedback and help inshaping the strategies to improve the future. Having a based customer site is an essential practicethat helps to analyze the preference of customers and better build on brand loyalty that isrequired.
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