Customer Relationships Assignment

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The Business Model CanvasKey PartnersPeople who haveinterest in fitnesspeople who canafford to invest on will be whospread the message ofimportance of fitness.Suppliers will bewhole sellers shop,retailersresources for thepartners will be throughsocial sites such asFacebook, Instagram,display advertisement,through friends andrelatives set a targetin order to sellparticular productduring a day usingdiscounts offers.Key ActivitiesUsing latesttechnologies andapply it on productit can deliver itsproduct throughonline and establishvarious mediumlike whole sellershops.To maintain goodand long termrelationship withpublic it supply bestquality of product atlow rates.Focus more onquality rather theprice but revenuestream should notbe so wide and earnlimited profit atinitial level.Value PropositionProviding goodquality of product atlow rate, maintainlong termrelationship to buildbrand image, try tosolve every problemof customers.If customer problemis related to faultyor damaged productthen try to replacethat product andsatisfy them at ownlevel.Product offer-gloves, yoga mats,gym t-shirts,complete workoutsuppliers, straps,polar loop andcompletemonitoring system.Customers need aresatisfying at ownlevel by providingbest quality ofproduct and keepthem happy so thatthey come againvisit the shop .CustomerRelationshipsLong termrelationship isneeded by thecustomers.We establish a goodand brand image infront of customers.Other product arequite costlyaccording tocustomer's point ofview that is whythey are notpurchased.Customer SegmentsWe are creatingvalues for ourregular customersand to those who arenot visit our storeonce.The customers whopurchase only fromthis shop and givefeedback as well assuggestion aboutour service are thebest and importantcustomers .Key Resourcesnatural, financialand humanresources are to beused for innovationin the existingproducts.Purchase or selltheir product onlineusing latestChannelsOur customerswants to reached usthrough onlinesystem but recentlythey come to us byreadingadvertisement andpamplates orbanners
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