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Customer Satisfaction in the Hospitality Industry

Added on - 20 Feb 2021

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Managing CustomerExperience
INTRODUCTIONClientexperience is the interaction between an organisation or a customer by which theycan discuss about a specific product. By having this experience of conversation customers canget satisfied and able to set their mind in order to purchase goods and services from the firm. Inthis assignment Bincho restaurant has been selected which is one of the best London basedJapanese restaurant was formed in the year of 2007 by David Miney(Bharwani and Jauhari,2017). It is headquartered in London UK. This restaurant cooks different types of Japanese foodlike skewers and dense coals etc. Further discussion will be based ondemandand expectations ofmarketsectionfor servicebusinessand customers experience map. After this it willstudytheimpact of digitalapplicationinclientrelationshipadministrationLastly,client experienceadministrationwithin service industry will get covered.TASK 1P1.Study thevalue andnecessityof understanding the wants, needs and preferences of targetconsumergroups for service sector industry.At present scenario customers plays very important role within restaurants as well asbusiness firms. They always beneficial for an organisation as they give effective feedback to firmand make them attractive in front of others. On the basis of customers, respective restaurant caneasily determine their needs, wants, tastes and preferences,in order to changetheir servicesrespectively. It helps them to build strong relationship with customers for long duration atmarketplace(Chathoth and et. al., 2016).Along with this there are several demographics bywhich they can easily segmented their customers on the behalf of age, income, gender and so on.There are few significance for customer's segment along with their needs are explained below:Variety ofcustomerVarious sort of customer needsGym InstructorChocolate flavouredprotein printed onmenuGood for healthBest proteinHospital patientsLight foodFast servicesNutrition foodDisabledcustomerFood filled with extraCaloriesNutritious foodGood services3
printed on the menuAccording to the above mentioned information manager of Bincho restaurant can easilyknown about customer's choice, tastes and preferences. As per the above segmented category ofpeople this restaurant can easily provide food as per their choice and it helps them to make goodrelations with them. Therefore, segmentation by various category helps this restaurant to makeefficient and attractive services for their overall customers.For instance, this is very essential to consider every category of customers for thebetterment of future(Peppers and Rogers, 2016). By having this tool and strategy they candetermine various needs of people and able to bring new innovative ideas which will attract thelarge number of consumers. Through giving lots of different services to customers they can givebetter feedback to the organisation/restaurant. With the help of this consumers can get betterexperience and able to make good relations with restaurant, so that firm can sustain in market forlong duration.P2. Variousforcesthat influence and driveconsumerengagement ofvarioustargetconsumergroups in the service sector.Consumerengagementrefers to asprocess of interacting with any firm for particulargoods and services. This engagement is much essential for each and every kind of businesswhether the food industry or any business industry. With the help of this firms can differentiatecustomer's several demand on their own perspective. It shows that customer engaged in firm andable to give its choice or preferences to the firm(Srivastava and Kaul, 2016). In context withBincho restaurant manager always considered their customer's choice first and make foodaccordingly, so that they can stay in the market for long time. There are some essential factors,those are necessary for balancing customer engagement within Bincho restaurant are givenbelow:Ambience:It is based on overall design and interior of any hotel or restaurant as well asdifferent places. In reference with Bincho restaurant, it is essential to make unique and attractiveinterior with lots of colourful lights, paints, designs and so on(Gruber and et. al., 2015). It willhighly satisfy customer's needs and wants and positively influence them.Pricing Strategies:Which strategy followed by Bincho restaurant is very attractive asthey put few cost on their products and provide better quality of foods. They also gives discount4
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