Customer Service in the Strata Sector - Assignment

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Customer Service in the StrataSectorIncl:BSBREL401A Establish networks&CPPDSM4048B Implement customer servicestrategies in the property industryAssessment WorkbookReal Estate TrainingSolutions
Customer Service in the Strata Sector - Assessment© Real Estate Training Solutions P/L V1 06152CopyrightThe information in this booklet is copyright to Real Estate Training Solutions and may not be used or reproduced in whole or in part without the prior written consent of Real EstateTraining Solutions.DisclaimerWhile every effort has been made to ensure that the information contained in this product is free from errors and omissions and is not misleading in any way, Real Estate Training Solutions makes no representations or warranties and is not liable for any loss ordamage or injury of any kind (however caused) under any theory of law including negligence resulting from or in any way connected with the use of this product. RETS does not assume any legal liability, whether direct or indirect, for the accuracy, comprehensiveness or usefulness of any information, or the reliance on this information.
Customer Service in the Strata Sector - Assessment© Real Estate Training Solutions P/L V1 06153AssessmentsCompleting your assessmentsYou will find as follows the assessments you will need to complete for this unit of competence. You will need to complete all of the assessments. To complete the assessments you can do either of the following:1)Type your answers directly into the document and print off and sign each page, then post to RETSor2)Print off and hand write the answers, sign each page, then post to RETSYOU MUST COMPLETE AND HAND IN THIS ENTIRE DOCUMENT. If we do not receive the entire completed work book it will besent back unmarked.YOU MUST WRITE YOUR NAME, SIGN AND DATE EACH PAGE OFYOUR ASSESSMENT Sending in AssessmentsAll written assessments and evidence must be legible. When you arecompleting your assessments and collecting your evidence keep in mindthe elements and performance criteria– you will find these at the front ofthe Learners Guide. Your assessor will be assessing you against all ofthese things. If you need more information on assessment speak to yourassessor.Ensure that all necessary parts of the Assessment Cover Sheet are signed.Remember: if you are posting your assessments and evidence always keep a copy or scan of all of your work. RETS is not responsible for any material that is lost in the post or does not reach our office.
Customer Service in the Strata Sector - Assessment© Real Estate Training Solutions P/L V1 06154Assessments and evidence posted to:Real Estate Training SolutionsAssessmentsPO Box 682RICHMOND NSW 2753Help! If at any time you get stuck, or do not understand a concept pleasecontact your assessor. Alternatively contact the tutor hotline on 0439 000900 or the UnitsBSBREL401A Establish networksELEMENTPERFORMANCE CRITERIA1.Develop and maintain business networks1.1.Use appropriate network strategies to establish and maintain relationships that promote the development of business opportunitiesIn order to become successful in an organization, somenetworking strategies come in handy. Attending lots ofnetworking events results in meeting with different peoplesor contacts. Some of these peoples will eventually becomeclients or great friends. An individual should make his/hercharacter in ways that make the mind tenacious about thebusiness after hearing the word ‘no’ very often. Accordingto Jena and Seth (2016), the operational heads of thecompany should always behave nicely to everyone theymeet in order to avoid any bridges within the organization.Moreover, one should give plenty amount of time, referralsand advice as it comes back as a positive karma with plentybusiness opportunities. The most significant factor is tocommunicate properly with the people of the same databasein order to identify the issues easily Axelsson., & Easton,.
Customer Service in the Strata Sector - Assessment© Real Estate Training Solutions P/L V1 06155ELEMENTPERFORMANCE CRITERIA2016). In addition to that, there should be a clear objectiveor goal set by the organization that will help to make surewhat are the resources needed in order to develop andmaintain proper business networks within the organization. 1.2.Identify and pursue network opportunities tomaximise a range of contactsNetworking is one of the important factors that helps inbuilding a successful professional capital and helps in thenext step to establish a business. According to ValMohammadi and Beladas (2014), identifying the corecontacts, people who are well known personally, and thosewho are willing to help are the ones who influences thegrowth of the network. They need to follow their manager inorder to fulfill their goals in the organization. Anotherimportant factor is to capitalize on the external connectionslike alumni networks, mutual friends and other sectors ofseparation that helps in creation of an own network.However, stepping up from the zone of comfortless is one ofthe most effective facet as various conference meetings seekthe motivation of the individuals those who are willing totalk about networks publicly. As there is Emails and handwritten notes to end a connection effectively, the mouth talkwords are not at all effective. Give information based on the new networks to informcolleagues, individuals and clients of potential benefitsAccording to George and Kumar (2014), a network consistsof group of associations who can cooperate with each otherto reach the desired goal within the organization. Theyconflicts with some ideas or connections in their purpose.Depending on the complex situation, various issues concernthe colleagues or teammates. To avoid the situation, theinformation needs to be gathered with the right resources
Customer Service in the Strata Sector - Assessment© Real Estate Training Solutions P/L V1 06156ELEMENTPERFORMANCE CRITERIAavailable. After that, there should be canalization ofcustomer needs and concerns in order to meet the customerexpectations. This is followed by the step in which theidentification process takes place. These processes help tobring out the necessary or appropriate solution. This sectionutilizes the concept of the list of available services in thearea in order to rectify the issue. 1.3.Communicate information regarding new networks to inform individuals, colleagues and clients of potential benefits. Networking is an important step by an organization to meetthe standard business objectives. The Strata sector is aimingto improve their strategies regarding the improvednetworking system of their customer and these things shouldbe aware by all the internal and external stakeholders of thiscompany.They can do their tasks by knowing the range ofnetwork, which help them to secure the confidentialinformation regarding from public accessibility. 1.4.Participate in professional networks and associations to obtain and maintain personal knowledge and skillsIdentification of relevant networks helps in enhancing andmaintaining the currency of skills and knowledge.Participation in an association or on the professionalnetworks helps in identification of updates regularly.Networks are an integral part of developing one’s skill andknowledge in both workplace and industry training. Otherprofessional networks might include enterprises, communitygroups, industry groups, schools, universities, governmentagencies, territory or state training authorities and so on.
Customer Service in the Strata Sector - Assessment© Real Estate Training Solutions P/L V1 06157ELEMENTPERFORMANCE CRITERIA2.Establish and maintain business relationships2.1.Develop and maintain relationships to promote benefits consistent with organisational/client requirementsDeveloping and maintaining an effective relationship in theworkplace is an important skill of an employee. An effectiveworkplace relationship offers the ability for effectivenegotiation, project delivery, and meeting deadlines. Mutualrespect is one of the significant factor which creates aneffective workplace relationship. Treating one anotherequally within the organisational structure, sharingknowledge and ideas with teammates or colleagues whichhelps in gaining experience and encouraging the other,recognizing the effort or achievements of others, and themost significant one is to be honest (Chauhan and Manhas2017). In addition to that, Understanding plays a vital role inmaintaining organisational relationships. Time is needed tounderstand the teammates or colleagues, which can bebeneficial for working relationships. Understanding in anorganisation can be improved through arranging a meeting,establishing the shared goals or objectives, using of listeningskills, finding out the work strength of each other in order tocategories the tasks which is most suited to the eachemployee. Moreover, there are an also external workingrelationship, which helps in developing the relationshipbetween employees within the organization. People whowork in different locations like friends, colleagues, clientsand suppliers are the key aspect of developing workingrelationships. They need to go through the rules andregulations of an organization in order to build trust orsetting new deals with the clients and suppliers. Accordingto Lloyd and Payne (2014) maintaining regular contact with
Customer Service in the Strata Sector - Assessment© Real Estate Training Solutions P/L V1 06158ELEMENTPERFORMANCE CRITERIAclients helps in maintaining a healthy relationship; Whencommunicating over the phone or email maintaining thestraightforward style of communication helps in theunderstanding of the ideas within the organization. Havingan open conversation with the client along with listeningcarefully to the point helps in better understanding of theissue or the desired goal which the organization needs to getfilled.2.2.Gain and maintain trust and confidence of contacts through demonstration of high standards of business practices:It is essential for any kind or organization to maintain a good relation with its all kinds of internal and external stakeholder. The relationship creates a good type of organizational behavior that does not only facilitate any businessperson but also to its all customer. They could be able to understand that they can continue a good relationshipwith their service users. This things enables any customers that they can be able to understand about the quality of the product and service. The good amount of relationship with the external stakeholders of any organization is help them to earn a brand reputation from the competitive market. This things not only help any organization to earn a good brand reputation but also it helps any establishments to earn a largenumber if productivity. This thing helps any kinds of organization to earn a good amount of revenue from each financial year. As because sometime word of mouth of the public help an organization to spread the information regarding their quality service indeed. Customer will prefers to go in that company only which company who are aiming to understand about the perspective of the customers and design their product as per their requirements. The trust

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