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Customer Support Management | Report

Added on - 01 Mar 2020

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Running head: CUSTOMER SUPPORT MANAGEMENT1Customer Support ManagementStudent’s Name:Institutional Affiliation:
Customer Support Management2Entry 1My prime role as a customer support officer at ABC e-commerce involves linking theclients to the company. The clients make inquiries about matters regarding the correct use of aproduct or its cost effectiveness (Verhoef & Lemon, 2013). In many occasions, I have assistedthe clients in installation, trouble shooting, upgrading, planning, maintenance, and getting ridof the product. The inquiries and requests from the customers are responded to via thetelephone or face-to-face over the counter. The clients result to oral communication aftertheir efforts to make requests via written communication have failed. Notably, the oralcommunication is the most preferred because it gives immediate feedback and resolution.Entry 2I believe that a company’s reputation is determined by the services offered. After akeen observation of the customers’ behavior, I was able to identify some key areas that thecompany can make improvements in order to solve problems experienced by customers. First,the company needs to initiate training programs for support representatives (Radnor, &Johnston, 2013). Some thinkers argue that training should be a continuous process rather thana one-time experience (Fleischer & Read,2002). In other words, the company should conductrefresher training regularly, offer new strategies, and enhance customer service techniquesamong its employees. Secondly, a self-service option would offer a solution to someprevailing customer problems (Khodakarami, & Chan, 2014). The self-service option offersvast knowledge to the customers regarding the company and its products. Moreover, theservice enables the clients to reach the right agent who can solve their personal escalations(Fjermestad & Robertson,2015). With the use of technology, the company can be able to
Customer Support Management3offer a convenient solution for its customers and enable them to get the right informationwhen necessary. Thirdly, the company can make customer service one of its values. Thecompany should endeavor to create and nurture a customer-friendly environment that satisfiesthe needs of all the clients who visit the company (Jahanshani, Hajizadeh, Mirdhamadi,Nawaser & Khaksar, 2014). By creating an atmosphere of gratitude, the company will be ableto attract more customers and generate huge profits in the long run.Entry 3The ABC e-commerce offers a wide variety of consumer products for customers tochoose from. Some of the products offered on the online platform include media items,electronics, scientific equipment, industrial supplies, and health-care items. Moreover, the e-commerce platform offers garden items, jewelry, musical instruments, and automotive(Wilson, Zeithaml, Bitner & Gremler, 2012). Evidently, the company deals with a wide rangeof commodities. It is important to note that some of the products sold on the e-commerceplatform may be challenging to use. For this reason, a user guide is essential.A user guide, also known as a manual, is a document that intends to give assistance tothe users of a certain product or system. This is commonly a technical document that iscreated by a professional or technical writer (Lewis, 2015). The motive of this paper is toidentify 5 products, provide clear instructions about how they are used and give atroubleshooting guide. The troubleshooting section will also identify possible errors and givethe appropriate solutions for the same.
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