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CW 1 & CW 2
CW 1EXECUTIVE SUMMARYInnovation plays a very deep and crucial role in management of the different businessoperations and activities that will support a proper management of business operations andactivities, this will cause the firm to increase the quality of products and services that will help inmeeting the operational capacity of organisation. A good and appropriate strategy that helps indevelopment of innovative products and services will support an organisation to meet its aimsand objectives in an effective way. Apart from this, use of innovation will help the firm to meetthe needs and demands of its customers in a significant manner.The report will analyse various data sources and information that will help theorganisation to develop an innovative product or services. Besides this, various drivers ofinnovation are been analysed with regard to various operations and environmental factors. Thedetails and history of TFL is been identified and analysed with reference to the details oftransportation industry. This will lead the management of firm to have a good idea about themeasures that are been followed within the business organisation that helps in suitable riser n themanagement of different business activities and operations that will be followed by the firm.Apart from this, various innovative measures and actions will be taken in consideration that willlead the development of effective business operations and activities, leading to carrying out ofdifferent innovation measures. This will also involve the effective development of an innovativeproduct and performance that have played a very crucial role in carrying out of the innovativeperformance and improvement in capabilities.Other than this, the trends related to transportation industry in year 2017 and further isbeen taken in consideration with an effective measure of innovation and organisational auditwith reference to the latest developed innovative product or service for its customers. This willhelp in proper assessment of different business activities and measures to develop an innovativeproduct within TFL. The report will be a very deep and crucial tools in increasing the innovationcapability of the organisation and thus will support a good growth and development of citedtransportation firm. It will help in improving the brand image and customer satisfaction levelwithin the organisation.
INTRODUCTION & PURPOSEInnovation plays a very crucial and significant role in betterment and growth of acompany. The ability to carry out the innovation will be a very deep and crucial factor that willhelp an organisation to have a good growth of a firm. For report, TFL is been taken as companyof context. The report will cover the details of various data sources, information andmethodologies that are been taken in consideration to carry out innovation audit. Various driverof innovation within the business environment and firm are been evaluated. A new product orservice is been identifies and key activities for its successful development is been evaluated andan innovation or organisational development audit is been performed with appropriateintroduction of new product and services (Eberhardt And, 2017).The Organisation and Industry overviewTFL stands for “Transport for London”. It is a rail transportation firm that offer the publictransit services across the London city and other part of country. Public transportation is one ofthe major industry operating within UK and is one of the crucial industrial sector. The companyTFL line was first proposed in year 2000. The idea was rise up again after passing out of itspredecessor London Regional transport. It gained the recognition after the work of its staffduring the bombing in underground rail and bus services in London on 7 July, 2005. In June2008, TFL banned the use of alcohol within the transit system, becoming the first firm to banalcohol in a public transportation system. By 2013, the firm conducted a survey that showcasedthe fact that 15% of women's uses the public transportation services, leading the firm to applywomen safety measures within its transit system. The collaborated with British transport police,Metropolitan police services and London police to handle such cases. The system uses themanual tickets, passes, cards and other measures of payment for transportation (Ge and,2016).There were better links need between east and west capital and introduced two new tubeline to do the job. This plan did not work and post war London and indeed Britain has moresocial and economic issue to deal with. The idea was not unnoticed as London started to growand flourish and they continued to develop and grow at faster rate and need for new line wasbeing increasing day by day (Dutta and Folta, 2016).1
Organisation and innovation HistoryThe study says that Crossline need to be more than just a tube line. They are the first companywho is first firm bydeveloping various strategies and processesof managing innovation in bigprojects. TFL's has doneappreciableinnovation of 18 programmes were designed tograb andcapture new conceptsfrom those involved in the project. This company is one of thebiggestinfrastructure project in Europe, this company has placed to share itsproducts, methods andtechniqueswith all the other construction industry and by doing this the company is raise thestanders of large projects (Hora, 2016).Many ideas were submitted to innovation in 18 projects and over 60 trials were funded,every concept was planned toimprovise efficiency and safety. They have achieved innovation inmany projects like thermal imaging for monitoring concrete, in this they mainly focus onsecurity and healthand theyexamine the usage of thermal heat camera technology order tounderstandthe hardening features ofsprayed factuallining works so that there advancement canbe reviewed. The second one is use tofix line tubesa manchette (TAMs), in this innovation isdone inmanageable resolution(Chun and, 2015). They mainly investigate to create sourceof energy by heat exchange through the TAMs and energy storage at grout shafts, helps insupporting ensigns of London. The third one is use of drones on a construction project (Ke, 2016). This theme is digital physical integration. There is a procedureto know furtherbenefits and to develop a protocolof the technology in the contraction environment. Other thanthis, the use of online payment methods and using magnetic cards to boards the train or transitsystem are few of the innovative measures that are been followed by the firm (Ge and,2017).Past activities and capabilities:Cross line capabilities include milling, welding and cutting which means that it has metalfabrication. In 2017 it hosted 13thannual TVBS (Total Vacation Bible Sensation)Present activities and capabilities:New currently build Crossrail ltd will stop at 41 accessible statiosn and 30 upgraded onesthat would serve 200 million people ever year. It will launch in 2018.Future activities:2
Crossrail will deliver a£150bn to the UK economy. It would also generate 200,000 newjobs and would create 60,000 during construction period all around nation. It would also deliverlarge scale infrastructure schemes.The Organisations existing Innovation Performance and CapabilitiesLooking at the operational capacity and functioning of TFL, the firm has to see throughthe effective and proper maintaining of public transportation system. As the firm is operational inpublic transit industry and caters the largest numbers of customers, they are required to applyvarious sort of innovative measures that are been followed within the organisation. Differentmacro environmental factors like political(involving local authorities, Mayor etc), economic andtechnological (online booking of tickets, transactions, developing innovative tools and servicesto prevent accidents) and environmental (pollution, exploitation of fuels) factors are been takenin consideration to develop an innovative frame work for the organisation (Koirala and,2016). Different sort of new and innovative products are been developed by cited firm toimprove its performance. It involves following activities that are required to be followed byTFL:Discovering of needs.Building organisational capacity to innovate.Gather information about the innovative product.Developing a perspective.Create awareness and value for the product.Launching it to public.As the road vehicles have been increased and the pollution levels are going high, TFL hasadopted various innovative measures to tackle this pollution (Kolychev and Prokhorov, 2015).Collaboration with Mayor and department of transport(DfT), the innovative measures that arebeen applied within its public transportation system in order to improve the quality of air. Thisinnovative venture is been funded by Clean Air Fund, UK. Some major innovative measures thatare been used in its public transit systems by TFL are:Innovative measures related to pollution controlUse of dust and smoke suppressants that sticks with PM10 particles to carriageway andprevent their re circulation within environment. Special vehicles with the suppressantsare been circulated between routes to carry it out (Song and, 2016).3
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