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CW1 WEEK 7 PREPARATIONThis is a guide to help you plan what you need for the Cw1 report and to help you discuss itfurther in class in week 7, as individuals please prepare notes on your section (think aboutwhat your main point to the section is) and have a full reference of your academic paperIn class, as a group, you will prepare a sheet of paper with these things on it:Your names and the two topicsThe themes for each topic and who is writing them - think of a title or heading and themain point to the themeHow you might relate the topics and themes to each otherNote: when I say topic I mean the 4 topics below. When I say theme I mean any two themesor issues that relate to the topicHere is general plan and structure for the report:Title- What are your two topics? Write them in the title.1.Zero Hour Contracts2.Human Capital and employment3.The skills gap and young people4.Precarious employmentContents:1.0 Introduction2.0 Topic 12.1 Topic 1 theme 1 heading? Full Name of student?2.2 Topic 1 theme 2 heading? Full Name of student?3.0 Topic 23.1 topic 2 theme 1 heading? Full Name of student?3.2 topic 2 theme 2 heading? Full Name of student?4.0 Conclusion1.0Introduction:We will discuss this further in week 7 classExplain topics briefly?Discuss some general themes or issues surrounding them?Say what ones you will focus on?2.0 topic 1? Just the heading here2.1 Theme 1? (each theme starts with a heading/title that relates to the theme you arediscussing)In preparation for week 7: Follow this for your individual theme (this applies to all 4 themes):
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