Article | Cyber Attack on American Restaurant

Added on - Nov 2019

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ARTICLE REVIEW2In the year 2017, an American restaurant named Chipotle was affected of a malwareactivity which hacked the payment site of the restaurant (Klein, 2017). The individual userwho accessed the online portal of the restoration or used their debit and credit card in order topurchase food where the major victim of the attack. A confirmation was achieved that themalware which affected by the payment system was mainly installed at the point- of- saleterminal. A point- of- sale is referred to an electronic device which is used to process apayment with the help of a credit or debit card. The terminal is used to read the informationwhich are related to the customers debit and credit card, check whether the fund which isrequired for the transaction is sufficient or not, task related to transfer of fund from the user’sterminal to the seller’s account (Turnbull, 2017).The attack was initiated between the time period of March 24 and April 18. Theactivity which was initiated with the malware was that it searched for the tracking of datawhich can sometimes include the card holders name with it card number, internal code ofverification and expiry date. These information was read from the payment card magneticstripe while it would be routed with the POS device (Khanna, 2017). The effect of the attackwas the malware would directly get all the information regarding the customer and theseinformation can be termed as very much critical information. This information are used bythe hackers for their own benefits leaving the card holders position at a risk. In order toprotect an individual payment site, the software involved in the technology should be updatedand should always be in an updated form. The checking of if any malware activity is beingproposed into the system should be checked. If any activity is detected precautions measuresshould be activated immediately so that the breach of data can be minimized (Leukfeldt,Kleemans & Stol , 2016).Malware is mainly ab abbreviated term which means malicious software. Thesoftware is designed mainly to gain the overall access or damage a computer system without
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