Cyber Attacks Against Critical Infrastructure Report

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InstructionsIt will be necessary to use literature/online resources to complete thisassignment, please ensure you cite and reference any such materials usingthe Harvard format.DO NOTcopy content directly from either the text or Internet resources: thisassignment is to be in your own words.You will lose marks if you do notuse your own words!Please complete your assignment usingthissubmission templatefile,inserting your responses where indicated.DO NOT delete the marking criteria page– changes are permitted to theformatting of other pages including the headers and footers.Please fill in the following details:Student NameStudent NumberQuestion 1Tasks
Week 1The text discusses the elements of modern computing architecture however is largely silent onthe individuals who played a role in its development. Find and summarise a resource thatdescribesONEsuch individual. The individual should have had a significant influence on thedevelopment of computers and/or components of modern computing architecture.Title and Reference:Computer Architecture todaySilberstein, M., 2017.Computer Architecture today. [Online] Available Through:<>. [Accessed on 18thSeptember 2017].Summary:From the taken blog, the efficiency of the operating systems (Oses) has been in thespotlight of system researchers in early 60s. The OS is commonly seemed as a layerbetweenapplications and hardware, this seems to mislead the application in CPU:application code runs on the CPU without any OS mediation. The execution from theapplication to the OS goes through two protection domains, it incurs the world switchwith its associated overhead. The numerous layers of the OS design are essential tobreak its complexity. Crossing these layers might get expensive as they consumerequire more data. OS is unaware of application logic and run time state, thus it offersonly general mechanism and policies that are not well suited for the specificapplication. The libOSes provides an attractive and less costing alternative totraditional OSes, particularly in high performance servers, but they pose newrequirements and provide an opportunity to revisit the existing architectural supportfor OSes in order to make libOSes more robust, usable and efficient. The libOSeswhich is new generation single application which caused overwhelming changes in thehardware and the software landscape in the publications. This application gives thehigh performance servers which helps in which implements exokernel designprinciples on modern hardware with virtualization support. The adoption of thelibOSes is driven by the necessity of achieving maximum efficiency and becomespractical in hardware virtualization which supports in both CPU and I/O devices. Insummary, the application of hardware and software is discussed with the newapplication to make the work easier and faster.Week 2The text discusses the components and activities of operating systems however is largelysilent on the individuals who played a role in their development. Find and summarise aresource that describesONEsuch individual. The individual should have had a significant
influence on the writing or development of operating systems.Title and Reference:Ajaz Ahmed2012.An operating system for life. [Online] Available Through: <>. [Accessed on 18thSeptember 2017].From the taken blog, the role of an individual in operating system for life looks littlecool for the start ups due to the innovation obsessed economy. The new way to changethe technology is to work with smartness with the culture. The technology is changingwith the culture with new and smart software that comes out of nowhere to show thebetter way of doing things. When the people will watch the evolution of popular digitalculture – and observe which will serve them love and are loyal to, which they getinfatuated and then bored with, which they ignore, which they actively resent – to getthe expected positive results. The organizing of set with the programs with theresources and activities. The era of services accessed through mobile phones hasshown us that people really respond to the tools configured around to solve theproblem related to the application. The people like to do there work quickly and fasterto manage this the resources and the activities need to be managed. The part oftechnology that is developed to use the sensors and cameras to understand the spatialterrain around the car and respond accordingly, so drivers can't mistakenly move intotoo-small spaces, bump into unseen objects, and won't have to correct driving lines.The second key innovation is the replacement of all the mechanical componentsbetween steering wheel and front wheels with electronics, for a much quicker, moreresponsive, and driver-aware experience.
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