Cyber Bullying Assignment

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Running head: “CYBER BULLYING”-IS A MYTH“CYBER BULLYING”-IS A MYTHName of the StudentName of the universityAuthor’s note
1“CYBER BULLYING”-IS A MYTHBackgroundCyber bullying is a type of a bullying that occurs over electronic and digital devices suchas emails, messages, internet and social networking sites. Cyber bullying can also involvesharing obscene messages, pictures or negative thoughts to someone via electronic devices.Bullying has long been a concern among the children and the adolescents (Ovejero et al., 2016).Currently cyber bullying has occupied the headlines of the news and had been considered as amajor challenge for the adolescents. Many studies have revealed that cyber bullied has beenhyped or fueled by the headlines of the media and unsubstantiated declarations of the public.Some of the common myths associated with cyber bullying are - Cyber bullying causes suicides,Cyber bullying is occurring at an epidemic level, cyber bullies are just associated to kids andfinally cyber bullying can be controlled by just switching off the digital device (Holfeld, 2014).This paper aims to provide with arguments regarding the validity of the trend “Cyberbullying is a myth”. It will also discuss about its effect on the children and will conclude with aset of recommendations.Effect of this trend on childrenThe issue that cyber bullying is a myth has developed a concept among the parents thattheir children or their family members can never be the victim of cyber bullying. Due to thismyth, some parents fail to recognize the reasons behind the depression of their children. It shouldbe noted that cyber bullying can lead to depression and anxiety among children. Reports provethat cyber bullying have psychological effects on children. Due to cyber bullying a child mightfeel worthless and vulnerable (Litwiller & Brausch, 2013). Cyber bullying can expose personal
2“CYBER BULLYING”-IS A MYTHthing and can create humiliation among the children. Targets of cyberbullying often begin todoubt their value and worth. According to various reports, the girls are the most affected victimsof cyber bullying. A kid may be tormented and disturbed constantly by the peers throughmessages and internets. Blackmailing through internet and the social networking sites are themost common. All these can destroy the contentment and happiness in children and can affectthe physical and the mental well being of kids.In support of the trendAccording to Sabella et al., (2013), there is lot of myths surrounding cyber bullying. Oneof the myths is that Cyber bullying only negatively affects the target. The second myth of cyberbullying is that only the teens, kids and women are the victims of cyber bullying. According to adata by the Data and society Research institute, about 40% of adults have been the victim ofcyber bulling (Sabella et al., 2013). Several data shows that men and women equally have beenvictimized by the bullying. Many people are of the belief that mere switching off the devicewould resolve all the problems. But that is incorrect. In this progressive world, one cannot justfold hands and keep himself away from technologies. Another thing that should be noted is thatface to face bullying has been found to have more psychosocial impact on kids and teens.Against the trendThe trend “cyber bullying is a myth” can be refuted by several findings. According toEnglander, (2012), nearly 43% of the kids are bullied online. Mishna et al., (2012), have said that70% of the students have reported to be the victim of cyber bullying. About 805 of the teensacross the world use cell phones, which is the most vulnerable medium of cyber bullying.According to Slonje et al., (2013) cyber bullying can affect a person in two ways. It can make
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