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Added on - Sep 2019

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Running Head: Cyber CrimeCYBER CRIME[Document subtitle]
Cyber Crime1IntroductionIn this paper, we are studied about the Ransomware Malware. Generally, it is said that theRansomware is a computer malware in which rogue software code effectively holds a user’scomputer hostage until a “ransom” fee is paid. The scenario that has been selected to discuss theRansomware Malware is encryption of the network attached backup system. This paper isfocused on different elements of the Ransomware Malware. For example, it defines how theRansomware attack happens in IT or other companies. It is defined one or more methods usedfor the attack. On the other hand, the laws that are broken by crypto Ransomware also discussedto aware the target audience about effects of illegal attacks of malware. Therefore, with the helpof this knowledge, the target audience can learn a lot of knowledge about different aspects ofRansomware malware and pay a significant contribution towards the management of their ITnetworks. The Ransomware malware has enough potential to influence the stored data and otherbackup systems in a negative manner. The knowledge of Ransomware malware will help them intheir career because they can apply their practical knowledge to save systems from anyunrecognized attack.Part AHow Ransomware Malware attack can happen to network attached backup system() Ransomware Malware influences the existing network-attached backup system of different ITorganizations in a significant manner. The cyber extortionists know that backups are their mostimportant enemy in fulfilling their desired objectives and are adapting their Ransomware to lookfor them. So, the priority focus of Ransomware malware is towards encryption of the backupfiles. It is done with the purpose of preventing different clients from accessing their backup dataand saving themselves from fine. The first and foremost step of Ransomware Malware is todestroy Shadow copy and restore point data on Windows Systems. This performed by thedifferent Ransomware families who are operating the malware the special motive to gainsignificant monetary profit. After planning of an attack on Shadow copy and restore point data, ittargets all attached drives and happens to encrypt the backups as well, though not likely bydesign. The presence of Ransomware Malware encrypts each files system that is attached to aninfected machine. This situation might prove vulnerable for a client. Apart from this, thepresence of Ransomware Malware also influenced the external hard drives and plugged-in USBsticks. Therefore, it is right to say that the Ransomware Malware comes in different forms andinfluence the network attached backup system in a significant manner. There are a lot of businesshouses who becomes failure to test their backups properly. The main reason behind the attack ofRansomware Malware is that most of the business firms and other small level clients did nothave a recent test of their recovery process. They are engaged in doing backups, but they do nothave any information about how they can recover it. So, it becomes essential for the businessfirms to have knowledge about network attached backup system and prevent RansomwareMalware attack significantly.
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