Document on Examples of Cyber Crime

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Cyber Crime
1.Five examples of computer crimea.Sensitive dataInformation stored by the source code, business hacked by the competitors which impacton the financials of the company. It can be mitigated through high information security.b.Intellectual propertyThe blueprint of products and manufacturing plans are hacked by the Chinese producerswhich occur due to lack of information security (Choo et al., 2013). It can be preventedby using high information security.c.Child pornographyIt is the case of pornography that occurs due to abuse of the child at the time of sexualacts which are recorded in the production of child pornography. It can be protected byparents accessing networks of the children, and it occurs due to parent’s carelessness.d.Tax refund fraudFiling of false returns and it occurs due to improper authenticity checking by IRS. Theloss was approximately 14 Million, and it can be mitigated by proper authenticitychecking.e.Copyright infringementIt is the case of the copy of work by another publisher which is a computer crime. Theloss is faced by the original publisher who loses its customers. It is done in the absence ofpoor security, and it can be resolved through negotiation.
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