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Cyber Security Breaches Survey- Research

Added on - 14 Feb 2020

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Foundations ofMIS & CBT
Article 1: 2/3 of the UK business is hit by cyber breach in past year1Article 2: Cyber threats1Article 3: Cyber attacks cost UK business2Article 4: Tackling Cyber Security Threats2From the editor1Article 1: 2/3 of theUK business is hit bycyber breach in pastyear1Article 2: Cyberthreats1Article 3: Cyber-attacks cost UKbusiness2Article 4: TacklingCyber SecurityThreats2From the editor2As per the survey, it has been found that out of 10, sevenfirms get attacked by malware or spyware, virus. Forsome of the cases it has been found that the attack toorganization has reached millions but most of the attackswould have been prevented through government's cyberessentials scheme. As per the research conducted byCyber Security Breaches Survey it has been found thatonly half of the firm take initiative to take action andaddress and identify vulnerabilities. Moreover, amongthese few organizations 1/3 had formal written cybersecurity policies. There are different set of issues that arefaced by firms due to cyber-attacks. Among which fewof them includes lossof money, date and confidential information ofcustomers are stolen. Another issues occur due tolack of information. Most of the businesses are notaware of the negative impact of business due tocyber-attacks further, there are also cases in whichorganizations do not even realize about its impactuntil serious problem relate with data, informationor loss occurs. As per the record government ofUK has planned to invest £1.9 bn to protect UKbut it can be enacted only when firms takeappropriate steps to protect themselves.Article 1: 2/3 of the UK business is hit by cyber breach in past year (8 May 2016)Article 2: Cyber threats (12 August 2015)In the modern society Cyberspace liesat the heart. It has high impact overbusinesses, services and personallives. Apart from this, there are manyissues that are faced by organizationbecause of which potential loss forfraud and money laundering runs andthis increases billions of pounds eachyear. There are significant number ofcrime groups that focus on hackingthe system of that is use byorganization and they try to get themoney and information. Another typeof issues that are faced by firms ismoney laundering. This can bedetermined as a process that presentlarge amount of money obtained fromcriminal activity originated fromlegitimate source. In order to tacklethese type of issues,there are The National Crime Agency (NCA).Further, there is another threat like proliferation ofweapons of mass destruction (WMD) to UK security. Thereare many countries that provide programmes related to WMDin order to make people aware related with the issues that areassociated with cyber-crime. WMD consists of chemical,nuclear and biological weapons. Further, there are many setsof obligations that UK has of export control regimes,international treaties and conventions. All these issues arecaused due to cyber-attacks.3rdNovember, 2016Volume 1, Issue 1Cyber Security Threads toUK BusinessesInside this issue:
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