Cyber Security in the Business Organisation

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ASSESSMENT 1: LITERATURE REVIEWIntroductionIn the literature review section of project, the researcher aims to analyse the articlesproposed and written by various authors in order to put weight on his or her research project. Inthe present context, this literature review will analyse the reviews of various authors andresearchers regarding the challenges of cyber security in the business organisation. This willassist the researcher to compare and contrast the articles and aid in deriving the final conclusion.Information and technological advancement are rising rapidly and thus, many businessorganisations are implementing them in the organisation. It not only helps in reducing time andcost but also increases the effectiveness in quality of products and services. Though, there arevarious drawbacks associated with it. One of which is cyber security. In this context, thisliterature review will analyse the challenges faced by organisation in implementing cybersecurity.Scope and objective of literature reviewScope and objective of this literature review is to analyse the challenges faced bybusiness organisation in order to implement cyber security for their information technology intheir company. Due to the increase and advancement in information technology systems,business managers are concentrating and investing more in order to make their organisationadvanced and high tech. Though, many hackers and data stealer develop certain spyware andmalware in order to steal vital data of the organisation. In this context, business managers facedvarious challenges related with cyber security and this literature review will aid in contrastingand comparing reviews of researchers related with the issue.Cyber securityCyber or computer security is the process of securing the vital data and informationwhich is stored in the database or hardware of the computer system from thefts and damage.Lord (2017) defines Cyber Security as the body of technologies, processes and practicesdesigned to protect networks, devices, programs and data from attack, damage or unauthorizedaccess. Cyber security may also be referred as information technology security. In the rapidrising of the globalisation as well as information and technology, business organisations areinvesting a huge amount in order to digitalise their organisation that will help in reducing timeand efforts as well as help in promulgating the effectiveness in quality of goods and services.1
Lynn, (2010)contends that in today's era, cyber security plays a vital and important role asunpredicted amount of data is stored in the computer systems of organisation. The data includesemployee’s information, organisation’s information, confidential information of business, etc.Thus, in order to protect them from theft and damage, business managers must install effectivecyber security measures. Organisations transmit sensitive data across networks and to otherdevices in the course of doing businesses as well as cyber security describes the disciplinededicated to protecting that information and systems that are used to process or store it.Johnson,(2015)argues that as increase in cyber-crimes and hacking activities, it is very important for theorganisation to enable efficient cyber security in their organisation.Challenges in cyber security for businessAccording toCampos and, (2016)in order to protect precious and vital data as wellas information that is stored in computer system, business managers and IT experts installappropriate cyber security. Ever evolving security risks is the most difficult challenge faced incyber security. Traditionally, organisation and government focus on providing security on themost confidential and essential data as well as eschewed remaining data and information(Agudelo, Privman and Halámek, 2017). Today, this approach is insufficient as threats evolveand transformed more rapidly than organisation can keep up with.Mazurczyk, Szczypiorski andTian, (2014)argued that due to increase in cloud computing and remote data sharing and storing,cyber-crime has been increases tremendously. Data stealer and hackers target the informationsystem of organisations and gather all data very easily. Thus, it is very important for theorganisation to give importance to improve their cyber security technologies efficiently.Cyber security is becoming an increasingly important issue for business worldwide withthe financial and reputational cost of data breaches as well as creating significant headaches forunprepared boards.McGettrick and, 2014contends that while technology is helpingorganisations to optimise their operations through various innovative means, number of cybersecurity threats that companies must tackle have grown. In 2017, the biggest cyber securitychallenge faced by organisation was the threat of Ransomware (Information Security, 2017).Cyber criminals developed this malware and blocked the managers as well as authorities oforganisation to access stored information on their computer system. This malware impacts on thecyber security of organisation very much.Dua and Du, (2016)sheds light on the issue and saidthat ransomware typically prevents users from accessing important information and data on their2
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