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Dana & JessicaImprovingOrganizationalPerformanceSection 1: High Performance Working & HighPerformance Working Organization1.1 Analysis of the concepts and componentsHigh Performance Working(HPW)TheUK Commission on Employment and Skillsdefine HPW as:‘a general approach to managing organisations that aims to stimulate moreeffective employee involvement and commitment in order to achieve high levels ofperformance... designed to enhance the discretionary effort employees put intotheir work, and to fully utilise the skills that they possess.’-You can also define in the context of your organizationHigh performance team is a pool of talented employees workingtowards the achievement of common goal ,vision of the organizationby effective collaboration, and team work.-It is a way of working that raises productivity and employee wellbeing-Components of HPWStrong visionHigh commitment from managementFlexibility – e.g decision makingEmployee Engagement – driven by extrinsic and intrinsic motivation(motivational theories)TRA has high bonus rewards for individual and
Dana & Jessicateams. Also employee are also appreciated for team work withcertificates.Creating and sustaining the culture – driven by mutual trust,enthusiasm and commitment to the direction taken by organization.High Performance Working Organization (HPWO)Engaged and empowered workforces and high quality of products andservicesTeamwork is a cornerstoneHighly effective companies manifest 14 characteristics (BCG Analysis,2011)TRA is a high performance working organization as we technicial teamand the only authority regulating the country’s telecoms operators.References Evaluation of results of HPWSustained Organization PerformanceSustain performance in consideration of bothinternal and externalchallengesHigh-performance working practices– effective people managementpractices, setting up the organization climate ( High employeeinvolvement practices, HR practices, reward practices etc. ) 2005 CIPDresearch established 35 complimentary HPW covering 3 broad areas.High-performing individuals- well-designed HR policies and strategiesresult in higher levels of organization performance through developing
Dana & Jessicacapable and motivated individuals and giving them the opportunity toperform to high levels. You can refer to CIPD report (Understanding thePeople and performance link: unblocking the black box)Employee Wellbeing-Individual’s overall health – mental, physical and emotional.-Job satisfaction – discretionary effort-Commitment - Emotional attachment to improve performance-Diversity and inclusion-TRA gives a good work life balance for employees with good instricrewards and extrinsic rewards.References AdvantageChanges in the workplace, reengineered processes which results tohigher productivityReferences Main Barriers to HPWGlobalization – dimensions (advantages & disadvanbtage)Trust – Five mistakes as a trusted advisorRefer to p 37 of the workbook – measuring HPWLack of support from managementCost factorsLack of consultationMarket environment
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