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Running head: DATA BACKUP AND OFF-SITE STORAGEDATA BACKUP AND OFF-SITE STORAGEName of the student:Name of the university:Author note:
1DATA BACKUP AND OFF-SITE STORAGE1. Procedure to secure backup media:The practice of data backup plays an important role in making a good security statementfor the media storage. However, they often leads to the security issues. A major portion of of thesecurity attacks take place due to improper data management and data handling (VonSolms andVon Solms 2018). In order to make a strong security feature, following are some well recognizedpractices:1.1 Making storage security as a function of overall security policy: It is important that the process of storage security applies to the overall security system toensure better result in terms of efficiency and security. It is not sufficient to held the storage teamresponsible completely to maintain storage security, any methods applicable to storage or datasecurity must be integrated properly ( VonSolms and Von Solms 2018).1.2 Identification of sensitive data:Without proper understanding of the nature of the data it is not possible to draft effectivesecurity plan. In the context of organizational uses , data gets duplicated throughout the networkover the thousands of connected devices and to protect sensitive data it is necessary to keeptrack of the path through which data travels throughout the network (Sarhan 2015).1.3 Multiple copy of important data:No matter how efficient the data backup technology is, it is never possible to predict thestrength and nature of the attack intended to carry out data breaches. To manage data efficiently

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