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Added on - 31 May 2021

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Data Breach andSecurity
Kmart online shopping store should follow the PrivacyAct1998 the organizations that have experienced consumerdata breach are under obligation to notify the affectedcustomers.Kmart are also responsible for providing with guidelinesregarding what steps should consumers undertake tomitigate the harm as much as practicable.Notifications can be send via e-mail or on the companywebsite. In this way the affected consumers can takeactions to combat with theft of informationSending notification is a necessity since under the NDBscheme every Australian government agency, profit aswell as well non-profit institutions , health serviceproducers among others are responsible to notify theconsumers.Notifications to Follow
Relevant to the topic of data breach would beEquifax data breach which handled breachwith setting up of a website for consumers.This website aimed to identify the potentialthieves who stole confidential data.Similary eBay after their major breach askedtheir customers to promptly changepasswords, and personal information.JP Morgan breach was handled with a keenenquiry inside the entire system that helpedthem to establish approximate number ofcustomers affected.Cases of Data Breach with other Companies
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