Anthem Inc.'s Medical Record Breach: A Cybersecurity Crisis


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1DATA BREACH INCIDENTSPART AThe incident of Computer security breach in Verizon Enterprise Solutions: Verizon Enterprise Solutions was established in January 2006 and came up again as Verizon Enterprise Solutions on 1 January 2012. And the president of Verizon Enterprise Solutions is Chris Format. This organization is a division of Verizon communications which is based in New Jersey and offers services and products like information technology, cloud computing, data storage, etc. for the government customers and businesses across the world.The IssueRecently Verizon Enterprise suffered the computer security data breach because of the security issues and in this the database of customer records of 1.5 million was stolen and was raised for sale on the dark web. Verizon stated that there was no effect on consumer customer data, but thisbreach affected the customers badly.The breach was highlighted when the stolen records of the business customers were raised for sale, and the customers have informed accordingly. The price which was offered was $100,000 for all the customers and $10,000 for single block of 100,000 as the database was put up on an underground hacking forum. The report stated that only the customer names and contact numbershad been used. The stolen records were used for phishing attacks upon customers of the Verizon.The hackers wanted to target the arm of the Verizon which provides products and services whichalso involved online security and cloud computing. The hackers offered the database in various formats and was available in MongoDB which stated that the hacker somehow managed to put the data at Verizon to delete the contents of customers. The credit card information of customers with hashed passwords was also stolen. (Lanaria, 2016)HackingThis phishing attack took place through emails in which the hackers manipulated and convinced the customers so that they can share their details. The hacker got an access of the network and data with the help of phishing emails which contained the corrupted document, and this helped the hacker to find susceptibility through other systems and got the important data. This helped the hacker to find a particular system to get a hold on it in order to get the information of the customers. The hackers send the emails to all the users, and they were told to verify their personal information and share their credit card payment information, contact numbers, etc. and by this phishing scam the hackers stole the important data of Verizon Enterprise Solutions. The computer security breach at Verizon occurred because of the slackness of employers like sharing information with the wrong customer and the unsecured dumping of the personal and important data. And the other issue was that the employees use the customer's data in inappropriate manner for their own benefit, and this causes huge loss to the organization and its customers. (Loshin, 2016)Preventive MeasuresThe possible solutions to prevent the data from stealing are as follows:
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2DATA BREACH INCIDENTSEmail filters can be executed so that the mails can be separated into different categories in an organized manner and in case the hacking taking place then the complete information would not be leaked out, and this will help in tracking the hacker.Training can be given to the engineers of Verizon so that they can find the phishing attackers and can immediately deal with them in order to prevent the data from being stolen.A secured authentication process can be embodied so that the effect of hacking can be minimized and the network will remain protected from being hacked, and the data of customers will remain secured. The networks can be watched carefully to find the signs of hacking. The workers have to keep an eye on the networks of data in order to catch the hacker so that the data of customers remain secured. Security systems should be up-to-date on all the networks. An organization should ensurethat the security systems are updated in order to protect the data from the phishing scams,and the security system should keep on changing so that the hacker doesn't get access to it.Verizon can give the guidance to its customers about not sharing their information with credit card payment, name, contact details, etc. to anyone via email. And the customers should ask more and more questions from the sender and should remain alert from this kind of emails and inform the organization as soon as possible so that the data can be protected from being hacked and the preventive measures can be implemented by the company as soon as possible.PART BThe IssueThe 2015 Anthem medical data breach case was the breach of medical information being held byAnthem Inc. The criminal hackers broke various servers of Anthem Inc. and stole more than 37.5 million records on February 4, 2015. These medical records contained personally identifiable information which was stored on their servers. Later that month, on February 24, 2015, the statistics reached to 78.8 million people. It was found out that the brands used by Anthem Inc. for marketing its healthcare plans also suffered the data breach including the branches like Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Georgia, Amerigroup, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Caremore , Empire Blue Cross and Blue Shield, andUniCare. It hasbeen mentioned by the Anthem that no compromise has been seen with the medical information and financial data. In the wake of this breach, the Anthem offered towards free credit monitoring.Around 80 million company records were estimated to be hacked as per the information given bythe The New York Times. This case has instilled the fear that the stolen data might be misused for the identity thefts. The information that has been compromised contained the names, address,e-mail addresses, date of birth, medical IDs, social security numbers and the employment information along with income data. The issue affected all the customers and employees of the Anthem Inc along with affecting the current as well as formed policyholders. Furthermore, the various branches of the Anthem Inc,
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