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Data Handling and Business Intelligence- Doc

Added on - 28 Jan 2020

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BUSINESSINTELLIGENCEANDIMPROVINGMANUFACTURINGEntrepreneurs: John Peace (Chairman) Christopher Bailey (CEO and Chief Creative Officer)David Amerland1stApril 2013Data helps Burberry engage customers wherever they areBig Data is powerful as well as it is hard to enclose; hence do not look out on the power ofthe small data which can be easily compassed. Almostmore than 800,000 peopleandmore than 15million subscribershave promoted Burberry as the one of the competent luxury brand onFacebookas well as onInstagram. The company has been growing because they know who their customersare. In this context,Paula Rosenblum (who works as amanaging partner at Retail SystemsResearch, a Miami – based retail technology analysis firm) said thatcustomers have thewillingness to deal with other aspects with specific privacy values. Burberry has created a unifiedcustomer experience driven by data through keeping consumers active on social media.2
The customers of Burberry always derive value from the brand which further assists ingetting positive experience of the services. Sales assistant ofBurberry brand uses computer systemsand other equipments so that personnel members can recordcustomer experience and feedback.Staff members of Burberry can greet the customers through name as they have information aboutindividual purchase history. Twitter posts also helps in recording the data about fashion trends.Customers can also use their own devices for giving their suggestion to the company. Burberry hasalso attached radio frequency identification tags to all the clothes for the purpose of triggeringinteractive videos.Burberry isalso regarded as efficient brand which hasits exemplary clothes 'the trench coat'and this has reinvented marketing aspects for thecustomersespecially in digital integrated RegentStreet store of London. This has been done by personalizing customer experience at the time ofusing Big Data. Regarding this, it has been evaluated that personalizing shopping experience forany brand is the most effective method of engaging the customers. This is an apparent fact thatcustomers feel a part of the brand when their shopping experience is actively entertained. Hence,Burberry has proved that they are delivering unique experience to its audience. In this context,Burberry's chief executive Angela Ahrendts said that “walking though doors ismerely seems likeaccessing the website”.3
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