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PartITrueorFalse(10marksintotal)Justifythefollowingstatementswhethertheyarerightorwrong.Eachquestionvalues1mark.(Pleasewriteyouranswerinbelowtable.Therewillbenomarkifnoanswerinthetable)No.12345678910AnswerTrueFalseTrueTrueTrueTrueTrueTrueTrueTrue1.Information is of no value to you if you can't access it.2. Business intelligence refers solely to information about your competitors.3. Customer service and support functions are multi-channel.4. Software-as-a-service (SaaS) is a delivery model in which you buy the software5. The basic approach of fuzzy logic is to assign values between 1 and 2 to vague orambiguous information.6. SEO improves the visibility of a website through the use of tags and key terms found bysearch engines.7. Affiliate programs are excellent examples of a C2B e-commerce business model.8. The C2B e-commerce business model is a true inversion of the C2C e-commerce businessmodel.9. A virus has the capacity to hurt the processor of a computer.10. The objective of a denial-of-service attack is to prevent legitimate customers fromaccessing the target site.PartIIMultipleChoice(10marksintotal)Thereisonlyonecorrectanswerforeachquestion.1markforeachquestion.(Pleasewriteyouranswerinbelowtable.Therewillbenomarkifnoanswerinthetable)No.12345678910AnswerDBBDBCADBA
1.Information granularity refers to:A.the quantity of data within the information.B.the quality of data within the information.C.the frequency of data within the information.D.the extent of detail within the information.2.At lower organizational levels, information exhibits _____ granularity.A.unrefinedB.fineC.concentratedD.coarse3.___ is a temporary holding area for the information you're working with as well as thesystem and application software instructions that the CPU currently needs.A.ROMB.RAMC.DVDD.VCD4.Which of the following is true of push and pull technologies?A.The early Web was characterized by pushing static information.B.In push technologies, organizations provide users with standardized information.C.In pull technologies, organizations provide users with customized information based oneach user's individual profile.D. In pull technologies, users research, find, request, and retrieve the information they want.5.The Web 2.0:
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