Data Handling and Business Intelligence - Assignment

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Data Handling
Topic: “ Data Handling And Business Intelligence.”Data handling refers to the process through which large scale information can be stored.It helps in generating conclusion from huge amount of data. This is considered as a processthrough which information can be managed and processed easily (Atashrouz, Mozaffarian andPazuki, 2015). Data handling is one of the important process in business for managing dataeffectively. It provides platform to the organisation, through which they can perform variousoperations on data. These activities includes data analysis, prediction, customizablevisualization, API deployment, Real time data analysis etc. This essay is based on the role andimportance of data handling into business (Georgsson and Staggers, 2016). It includes detailsrelated to currents trends, role and application big data in companies using Hadoop along withexample.Current trend of data handling.Data handling has completely turned the information analysis procedure in businesscompanies. It provides various features to the firm including operational guidance and large-scale analysis of data. It enables the companies in implementing effective business tactics. Thecurrents trends of data analysis are considered as self-service analysis, customization, APIdeployments and big data (Henze, Hummen and Wehrle, 2013). To handle the large scale of dataconcept of SQL technologies is considered. Hadoop is based on the same technique and providedwith hoc queries. It can be implemented in the physical as well as virtual machines. To introducethis service in virtual environment, company should implement cloud services first (Illingworth,2014).There are various companies that are using this concept, are Facebook, Twitter, Linkedinand so on. Everyday approx. 950 million of users are uploading various information and nearly540 million new users registered. To manage information of millions of data, this technology isused by the organisation (Kimura, M. and et. al., 2014). Facebook has developed a data center,all the applications for managing information are developed by the staff. The data center ofFacebook also consists of virtual system, due to this, users are able to access their informationacross the worlds. Before, storing they do not distribute data into segments. All the informationis stored in the basis of their extension, along with this compression of data also takes place forreducing the storage space.However, company needs to develop huge data centers and also1
requires lost of manpower to handle these machines (Mamun, A. S. M. A. and et al., 2016). Itwill directly impact on the expenses of the companies.The business intelligenceBusiness intelligence refers to the process in which various software applications are provided tohandle data effectively. It consists of various tools and technologies such as data mining, onlineprocessing of data, reporting and query. It helps in improving decision making and planning ofthe organisation. Previously, the data ware houses consist of ODS and OLAP. These componentswere providing effective performance and interactive analysis, but processing become verycomplex (Michael, K. and Miller, K.W., 2013). Hadoop is one of the advance technologies forhandling large amount of data effectively. To implement this system a distribution system isrequired known as Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS).It provides effective transnational of raw material and produces great analysis results.The reporting capability of business intelligence is limited by Hadoop, due to which batchoriented process is considered by the software. The performance and interaction of the process isincreased by introducing the hoc queries. Along with this various open source software are alsoinvolved for effective performance (Padilha, C. D. A. and et. al., 2015). Some of them areApache and impala. This helped in producing interactive and feasible results. According to theresearch of 2015, companies are implementing Hadoop into their organisation. As it providesflexible operations and able to manage extremely large amount of data. Along with this it alsoprovides storage facilities at cheap prices. Therefore, most of the companies are considering theirservices.Practical applicationData handling is having various practical applications such as storage, analysis,operational and manipulation of data. There are various companies that are implementing bigdata concept into their data warehouse. One of the biggest practical example of big dataimplementation is Facebook. To manage data of approx. 10 billion users that are providinginformation of various types including pictures, messages, likes and shares. Requires hugeamount of storage area (Price, D. K., Plante, D. F. and Duffy, M. O., Hartford Fire InsuranceCompany, 2016). All the information of Facebook is stored effectively with big data. On thebasis of stored information in the form of cookies, tag, suggestions, likes and dislikes. They areable to analyses behavior of user. It helps the company for referring advertisement to attract2
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