Advantages and Disadvantages of PaaS and IaaS Platform

Added on - 23 Feb 2020

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Running head: DATA MIGRATION TO THE CLOUD1Data Migration to the CloudStudent’s NameUniversity Affiliation
DATA MIGRATION TO THE CLOUD2Data Migration to the CloudThe cloud has recently become one of the most recent developments that are beingembraced by a large number of organizations. These organizations consider migrating theirservices and operations from the local services to the use of the cloud in order to solve a largenumber of issues that affect them when they use the local servers. Among others, the issuesthat occur involve aspects like the integration of their operations, the time it takes to carry outtasks and process and automation of other services when the automation software to use arenot in place. The cloud provides a solution to all these issues, through the available softwarewhich it provides to its clients and environment of running this software. Organizations arehowever facing a unique challenge when they are in the processes of leaving their traditionalsystems and migrating their operations to the cloud. These challenges are brought by the needto ensure that the hosting of the operations takes place effectively and that the organizationmanages to move the data that it has been using from its local services to the cloud servers.Without this aspect, it becomes very difficult to establish effectiveness on how the operationsare carried out.Being among such organizations, Webb’s is being faced by a similar problem. Thesolution to the issue exists in two major options. The organization can decide to utilize anIaaS approach when making the migration to the cloud. Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)model requires the organization to move completely from any form of local operations to thecloud form of operation. It involves taking the complete organizational computing hardwareto the cloud. This hardware among others include networks, storage, system management andall servers. When all these aspects are moved from the physical operations to the cloud, theorganization ceases to have a need for a well-established data center, cooling, and otherhardware aspects that are important to consider.
DATA MIGRATION TO THE CLOUD3The second option that the organization can take in order to make the migrationinvolves the use of the platform as a service (PaaS) option. In this option, the organizationonly obtains platforms and databases as a service. The utilization of any of these two optionswill help the organization manage to move its operations from being locally based to beingcloud based. A comparison of the impact that any of these options would have to Webb’sorganization is therefore appropriate to make before the final decision on the mostappropriate option to take is made.Differences between IaaS and PaaSThe infrastructure as a service, option of cloud computing help organizations to haveinfrastructure provided to them. This is infrastructure inform of servers and storage that theymay need. This provision is different with when an organization is using a Platform as aService (PaaS). PaaS is at a higher level since, after the provision of the infrastructure wherethe organizational operations will be taking place, the providers also provide otherenvironment based and important software services like the operating systems. With thisregard, therefore, the first main difference between these two options is the fact that anindividual begins establishing his or her system from scratch when using an IaaS, but he orshe is provided with environment based software when using a PaaS.The other major difference between these two organizations is the fact that anorganization has much more control when using the IaaS service, compared to when he or sheis using a PaaS platform. When using an IaaS, an individual is required to select and installhis or her own operating systems and any other important software products that arenecessary. The individual has a significantly wide capability to control the services comparesto when the platform in use is the PaaS platforms. With this regard, therefore, an organization
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