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1CLOUD COMPUTINGData Mining Application and the Challenges in Implementing the Applicationin Cloud Environment (SAAS)Data Mining is defined as an effective tool that is used to analyze a piece of data based ondifferent perspectives as well as extract information from that piece of data.Data Mining is usedin Computational Process that discovers the pattern in a Sets of Large Data that has methods ofDatabase Systems, Machine Learning System and Artificial Intelligence. In the process of DataMining, the information is extracted from the set of data and it is use further with anunderstandable transform structure [2]. The process also include the data in large amount werenew and hidden information are found through which the business can be improve.Data miningis widely used in various fields and in different applications. One of the most popularapplications of data mining is cloud computing where it is used for classification andcategorization of data as well as finding data pattern correlations within the cloud.Some of the common and real time application of data mining are as follows.Service Provider: The companies of Mobile phone and the utilities industries uses DataMining to predict the churn when the customer leaves the company to get the broadband or gasor phone through other provider. They assemble interactions to customer services, billinginformation, visits to website to gain a probability score.Crime Agencies: The prevention agencies use Data mining to spot the myraids of data todeploy the police manpower.In spite of all these applications, there are several challenges of application of datamining in the cloud environment. These challenges are discussed as follows.
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