MS4402 - Data Visualizations Assignment

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Data VisualizationsIntro - 1Lecture 02 – MS4402 - Data VisualizationsB Sundaram
RecapVisualization Context – Volume & DefinitonHistory of VisualizationVisualization – Multidisciplinary – Art, Science, TechnologyWhat is Visualization?Need for creating VisualizationValue of Visualization – Record, Analyse, CommunicateVisualization challengesVisualization Research
OutlineData Visualization CycleWhy is DataViz importantGoals of DataVizWhy do modern biz need DataVizHow DataViz used for business decisionsTools of DataVizChoosing the right visualization softwareWhat is DataVizNeed for managers with Data Analytics skillsDownsides of DataViz
The purpose of computing is about insight, notnumbers”- R. W. Hamming
The purpose of visualization is about insight, notpictures”- Card, Mackinlay, Schneiderman
Data Visualization Cycle
Why is DataViz importantA picture is worth a thousand words, as they say.Humans just understand data better through pictures rather than byreading numbersAccordingly, if the data is presented in a graphical format, people aremore able to effectively find correlations and raise importantquestions.Data visualization helps the business to achieve numerous goals.
Goals of DataVizConverting the business data into interactive graphs for dynamicinterpretation to serve the business goalsTransforming data into visually appealing, interactive dashboards ofvarious data sources to serve the business with the insightsCreating more attractive and informative dashboards of variousgraphical data representationsMaking appropriate decisions by drilling into the data and finding theinsights
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