Database Connectivity Methods


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Database Connectivity Methods
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Database solutions today must be able to adapt and integrate among various
computing applications. Determine at least three forms of database connectivity
methods that can be used as an interface between applications. For each method you
have chosen, create an example that demonstrates how each could facilitate data
exchange functionality in a cloud service environment.
A database solution could be defined as the various types of solutions for various
business processes and organizations. The various forms of database servers help in
organizing the stored data within their various forms of distributed servers (Chang, 2016).
The designers of the database systems help in designing the various forms of database
models. The three forms of database connectivity methods are: ODBC, JDBC and SQLJ.
ODBC – It is abbreviated as Open Database Connectivity. It is defined as the standards
or application programming interface (API), which could be majorly used for accessing
the database. Any form of application that would be written within ODBC could be easily
portable to different platforms based on client as well as server side (Miller &
Mork, 2013). ODBC helps in facilitating the functionality of data exchange within an
environment of cloud service as the web based server make use of ODBC for
communicating the database systems. The supported softwares by ODBC are Microsoft
SQL Server and IBM Db2.
JDBC – The Java Database Connectivity could be defined as an API based on the Java
programming language that would be able to define the ways in which a client system
might access database systems. The JDBC is a platform based on Java Standard Edition,
which is a subsidiary of Oracle Corporation (Keith & Schincariol, 2013). The API of
JDBC makes use of the Java programming language for accessing the database.
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SQLJ – The abbreviation of SQLJ is Structured Query Language and Java EE. It is a
form of structured query language that is mainly used for transactions within the database
systems. It thus produces static and embedded SQLJ. This form of extension is static as
the statements based on SQL would be executed during the runtime at the time when the
program would be assembled (Ferstl & Sinz, 2013).
Suggest at least two software solutions that offer the connectivity methods you have
determined in Part 1 of this discussion to interface with other systems.
The Java applications makes use of DriverManager.getConnection( ) methods in order
to create a connection within the cloud service environment. JDBC is supported by
Oracle Databases and Netbeans.
In order to facilitate the management based on connections with the help of various
sources of data and connection, the Oracle based SQLJ would be able to implement a
wide number of APIs within the runtime12ee library. The various software applications
supported by SQLJ are IBM databases and Oracle Databases. The database connectivity
would be majorly used for retrieval of data from the internet based database servers. It
would also be used for development of dynamic form of web pages and developing them.
The various forms of connectivity methods would be necessary for connecting the
database servers to the cloud computing environment.
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