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1DATABASE DESIGN AND MANAGEMENTStudent’s Name:Course title:Date of submission:
2Baltare Medical Center is a local medical center that started in 2016. Baltare offers a widerange of medical services including in and out patient. The Medical Center is currently usingMicrosoft Excel for its record keeping. The owners of Baltare John and Mary Smith wouldlike a more efficient way to store patient records and report generation.Thinking about stakeholders in terms of our project, what issues andconcerns do you foresee arising?According to Dennis and Haley (2012), a stakeholder is a person or group that canaffect or be affected by a new system or project. Main stakeholders are the projectchampions, the system users and the executive management. The main stakeholders in thisproject include the medical center owners –John and Mary Smith, patients, doctors andnursing staffs.Some of the foreseen issues and concerns includei.Patient data and medical records privacyii.Data securityiii.Scalability of the proposed systemiv.Competency of the existing staff to use the system i.e. whether the staff havebasic computer operating skillsWhat questions should we ask the owners?John and Mary Smith are the champion stakeholders in this project. Some of themajor questions to them include:
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