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Database Design Methodologies

Added on - 24 Apr 2021

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Running head: DATABASE DESIGN APPROACHDatabase Design ApproachName of the Student:Name of the University:Author Note
1DATABASE DESIGN APPROACHComparison of Top Down and Bottom-Up ApproachThe comparison of the top-down and the bottom-up approach is provided below(Coronel and Morris 2016):Top-Down ApproachBottom-Up ApproachThe top-down approach is used during thedevelopment of new database.The bottom-up approach is generally usedfor the development of a database which hasbeen migrated from another database.The objects are generally modelled at thelogical in which the physical design of thedatabase is constructed.No extra logical design is to be created forthe development of database a physicallevel.For example, a the database that is relationalwould be required the objects for mappingin the data in the tables.From Oracle IBM to DB2 there are varioustype of changes that are required formigration.The formulation of the overview is done inthis type of approach; however, the first-level sub systems are not detailed in thisapproach. Each of the sub systems arerequired to be refined by the additional subsystems level, unless and until the baseelements are obtained from the entirespecification.The approach is used for the individual baseelements which are defined at the start ofthe node. The elements are then used forlinking with Each other for the formation ofa larger sub-system. These are linked toseveral other layers and system which is acomplete top-level system is formed.AdvantagesThe main advantage is that the data base canbe created from scratch and any type ofadded features cab be added to databasewithout any application of added coding(Bugiotti et al. 2014).The main advantage of the bottom upapproach is that in this approach there is noadded time wasted for the logical design ofthe database and the design of the databaseis extracted from the database it is to bemigrated from.DisadvantagesThe main disadvantage is that database thereare no readymade structures for theimplementation of the database and thelogical design of the database is to be donescratch and this involve a wastage of largeamount of time.The main disadvantage of the bottom-upapproach is that the migration of thedatabase would require the developer todesign the database according to thepreviously existing database and hence, a lotof time and effort would be wasted onunderstanding the idea behind the design ofthe database (Echeverria et al. 2017).RecommendationFor recommendation it can be said that the top-down approach is to adopted forachieving the efficiency of the design for the database that is to be developed (Elmasri and
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