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Database Design15915Database DesignCOLT2, 2017Fahad AlSuwaidiU3161044Professor NameDate
Database Design2IntroductionAs per the given scenario, the database for a library system needs to be designed. The mainpurpose of this library database will be to save the entire information of student, books,employees, student’s next of kin details etc. A student number is issued to each student when heor she gets registered in the university. There are six sections defined for a library and thatinformation needs to be saved in the database. There is a database for the books catalogue whereall the details about book such as book title, author name, publisher name etc are saved in thedatabase. When a student issue a book, a return date get saved automatically on the basis ofpolicy of library. And when student returns the book to the library after the return date somepenalty amount get saved for each book. This penalty amount is same for each book. Thatbasically depends on the number of days by which after which book is returned to the library.The supplier’s details is also saved in the database from which books are purchased. There is thefacility to reserve the book on first come first serve basis. Students can reserve the book onlinebefore issuing that.Entities1. StudentStudentNo, FirstName, LastName, DateOfBirth, Gender, HomeStreet,Homesuburb, Homecity, Homestate, HomePCode, contact_no.2. NextofKinNoKID, FirstName, LastName, DateOfBirth, Gender, HomeStreet,Homesuburb, Homecity, Homestate, HomePCode, StudentNo, Relationship.Foreign keyStudentNo references student.3. SectionSectionID, Section_name, location, phone_no, no_of_staff
Database Design34. StaffStaffNo, Fname, Lname, position, DateOfBirth, Gender, contact_no, office_no,SectionIDForeign keySectionID references section.5. SupplierSupplierID, Supplier_name, Supplier_address, supplier_city, supplier_phone.6. CatalogueCatalogueNo, book_title, author_name, publisher_name, publisher_Address,book_type, SupplierID.Foreign keySupplierID references supplier.7. Book_issuedStudentNo, CatalogueNo,Return_date, late_charge, StaffNoForeign keyStudentNo references student, CatalogueNo references catalogue, StaffNoreferences Staff8. Book_reservedReservedId, CatalogueNo, StudentNo, book_title.Foreign keyStudentNo references student, CatalogueNo references catalogue9. PaymentReceiptNo, StudentNo, Amount, dateForeign keyStudentNo references student.Entity Relationship Diagram
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