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Assignment on Database Fundamentals

Added on - 27 Jul 2022

Explain the Normalization process and its importance to data integrity and accuracy.

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Normalization Process
In database design the Normalization process helps in reducing the redundant data in
different tables. The normalization is he part of logical database designing process for the OLTP
(online transaction processing) databases.
There are mainly four normal forms in which the data base tables can be reduced in
order to achieve the data integrity. These are 1NNF, 2NF,3NF, BCNF1.
In case of 1NF or first normal form, the rule states any attribute or column of an specific
table cannot hold multiple values for it2.It enforces the atomicity rule and thus the attribute
should only contain atomic values. In this way it is possible to reduce or eliminate the repetition
of group of values while storing each of the attributes in a separate table and connect the tables
using one-to-many relationship.
In the second normal form, the main objective is removal or avoiding the duplicate data
in different tables. At first the data which is partly dependent on primary key of the table is
considered and then they are stored it another table. Any table or an entity is said to be in 2NF,
if the table meets the requirements of being in 1NF as well as does not contain composite
primary key3.In the 2NF, the main concern is elimination of the functional dependencies on
different partial keys.
In case of third normal form or 3NF, the primary objective is removal of the tuples or
data rows in the concerned tables which are not dependent on primary key of the table. Finally,
it can be stated that, any entity or table can be said in third normal form or 3NF if the table meets
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