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Database Management: Components, Security, and Countermeasures

Added on -2019-09-20

This article discusses the components of database management, including data, hardware, software, and users. It also covers the security requirements for protecting data from threats such as excessive privilege abuse, SQL injection, malware, and misconfiguration. Countermeasures for each threat are provided. The article concludes with a discussion of data concurrency, consistency, and the CIA triad model for information security.
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Database Management IntroductionDatabase management is a system software which communicate or interact with MakeBelieve application and their end users for managing and creating databases. It allow our programmers and user to create, query, retrieve, mange and update the data. we know that data is a collection of facts and information which is totally unorganized. Nowadays very popular DBMS which used by many companies are postgreSQL, MongoDB, MYSQL and Microsoft Sql Server. User data and information are processed through our application programs by different users. MakeBelieve Database management system provides condition which is very efficient and convenient in retrieving and storing the data. In this we converting the facts in to a meaningful conversations. [ CITATION Ram00 \l 1033 ]
In MakeBelieve, database administrator controlled and manage the databases throughout our systemby updating, creating and modifying while ensuring the integrity of the data. Our Database mainly contains the data of customers and services. The main purpose of MakeBelieve business process mapping is to help in compare and measure our whole organization objective to make sure that every functions are match with MakeBelieve capabilities and values. The major steps consists in mapping MakeBelieve business functions are identification process, gathering of information, covert facts in to process map, work using map(analysis) and manage process. To know the information requirements of our organisation it is very important to study the business function.[ CITATION Dun97 \l 1033 ]Components Of DatabaseMakeBelieve DBMS have many components, every one of them performing their specific task in the database management. But it is mainly consist of four components : a) Data b) Hardware c) Software d) usersEach one of these components make an effective database system.
Fig. Data Base SystemData : It is very major component of MakeBelieve database system. Our organization store, generate, and process the huge amount of data. It act as a bridge between software,hardware and users which can be directly or indirectly access by using MakeBelieve application programs. Our database is both shared and integreted. Each of those users can access our similar data for the different purposes. Data may be of different types like user data, Metadata and Application metadata.[ CITATION Gou17 \l 1033 ]Hardware :In MakeBelieve hardware mainly consists of secondary storage volume such as hard disks and magnetic tapes etc. It is mainly used to storing and retrieving data in efficient and fast manner. It provides the interface between real world systems and our computers. Due to huge amount of data and so many their users it is very necessary to choose appropriate hardware devices for the required databases. [ CITATION Sto \l 1033 ]

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