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Student ID –Date -Database AssignmentModule Tutor –1|P a g e
ReportQueriesQ-1:select INV_NUMBER InvoiceNumber, round(sum(LINE_TOTAL),2) LineTotal from Linegroup by INV_NUMBER;2|P a g e
Q-2:select V_Code VCode, V_Name VName, V_Contact VContact, V_Areacode AreaCode,V_Phone Phone, V_State State, V_Order VOrder from vendor where v_state is null;3|P a g e
Q-3:select Cus_Code CustCode, Cus_Lname CustLastName, Cus_Fname CustFirstName,Cus_Initial CustInitial, Cus_Areacode CustAreaCode, Cus_Phone CustPhone,Cus_Balance CustBalancefrom customer where cus_balance>200 and cus_balance<300;4|P a g e
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