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Introduction to Database Systems

Added on - 24 Apr 2021

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Running head: DATABASE SYSTEMDatabase SystemsName of the Student:Name of the University:Author Note
1DATABASE SYSTEMOverviewThe A & H Boating is company a startup company and the main business procedures ofthe company are sell and lend boats to the customer. The boats are also displayed in theshowrooms located across the city. The company wants to maintain a database so that the data ofthe company can be stored in the system. This would improve the procedures of the companywhich would help to track the activities of the business. The company has provided a set ofbusiness rules and hence ERD are designed according to these business rules.Task 1The business rule of the company are:Every manufacturer is identified by a manufacturer codeEach and every type is produced by only one manufacturerWith these business rules in mind the following ERD can be developed.The main entity is the Manufacturer
2DATABASE SYSTEMThe attributes within the entity are:Manufacturer (ManufacturerId (primary key), ManufacturerName, Address, ManfacturerContact,AccountNumber)Task 2For the next the task the business rules to be considered are:Every model is produced as part of a typeAfter the consideration of the second set of business rules the developed ERD should look likethis:The main entities of this ERD are Manufacturer and ModelThe main attributes of the entity are:Manufacturer (ManufacturerId (primary key), ManufacturerName, Address, ManfacturerContact,AccountNumber)
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