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Dear All,. It is to inform you that consequent to our J

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Dear All,It is to inform you that consequent to our July 2017 go-live date, IT Group has already rolled out twocore components of BMC Footprints Server Desk Management in order to enhance our enterprise’sService Desk automation. The IT Group is already live for Change Management and IncidentManagement, and in the third roll out our next focus is to replace Track-it with Work Order system. IT Group is planning a seamless cutover from Track-it to Footprints. In an effort in this direction, the newWork Order system has been designed to include similar workflows and business rules which arecurrently used in Track-IT system. Our planned design of the new Work Order system is intended to keepa familiar user interface for the ease of use and transition. Added enhancements have also been designed for teams with special requirements and this has, thushelped to expand the Work Order systems capabilities. Prior to our go-live date it is also planned to have training in several formats. IT Group shall scheduleinstructor-led training programs in addition to online computer based training programs. Additionally,the helpdesk will be available to assist the participants to answer the questions, if needed. Regards,Name

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