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Dear Mr. Writer:. I’ve been given a very comprehensive

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Dear Mr. Writer:I’ve been given a very comprehensive assignment on Project Management titled as The Dream House Project. It has these three extensive parts:1.Project Charter ... [File Name: Project Charter Dream House]2.Project Plan ... [File Name: Project Plan Requirements]3.Work Status Report ... [File Name: Work Status Report Requirements]I have already completed the first part while you are needed to work on second and third parts;exactly according to the given requirements. The above mentioned three files on these three parts are attached here for your help.Project Plan would be approximately of 10 pagesplus Table of Contents and Bibliography,while Work Status Report would be approximately of 5 pages plus Table of Contents and Bibliography. Please write the assignments in MS Word with the following specifications:Normal text – Arial 12 – 1.15 line spacingMargins Normal – Paragraph justified with first line indentedBibliography and In-Text Citation would be in APA format Please read the assignments’ requirements carefully line by line and follow the templates mentioned in them while giving headings. For assistance you can refer the following link of online Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK®) Guide: you and all the best.

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