Report on Debt Management

Added on - Sep 2019

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Debt Management ReportClientCurrent30 Days60 Days90 Days120+ DaysTotalAustralianBusiness Solutions$4,356.00$ 4,356.00Acme Corporation$2,500.00$2,714.00$ 5,214.00Business Hub$3,000.00$ 1,160.00$ 4,160.00CompleteSolutions$3,218.00$ 3,218.00Cyber Systems$ 2,250.00$ 2,250.00Marketing Direct2 U$3,468.00$ 3,468.00MarketingOutcomes$1,250.00$ 1,250.00National BusinessSystems$2,550.00$ 2,550.00Orange Solutions$250.00$6,000.00$ 6,250.00OlivandersTraining Shop$3,781.00$ 3,781.00Skills Solutions$400.00$4,691.00$ 5,091.00Totals$3,000.00$5,718.00$-$7,766.00$2,714.00$ 19,198.00Debt management reportThe above data reflect the aged debt summary of grow consultants. The report describing theAcme Corporation owed companies money in two slots. The aged debt report help thebusinessman, this list of customers provided grow consultant company about the briefdescription of the money owed by them.We can review the aged debt report of the company so to identify the invoices improvement ofthe company during the current year. The years improvement has helped the company to
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