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Decision-making process assignment

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Added on  2021-02-19

Decision-making process assignment

   Added on 2021-02-19

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INTRODUCTIONCritical reflection is reasoning process that is about considering person's own thought,experience and feeling and determining process that see how they it in with concepts, ideas andtheories that presented by others. The reflection can be descriptive, analytical and critical. Thepresent study is based on the decision-making models in social work and welfare. The study willcritically analysed through Gibbs Reflection Model. Decision making denotes individual abilityof choosing the best option among various choices. The present study will critically explain,apply and analyse various decision-making models and strategies in social work and welfare.MAIN BODYDescriptionDecision making is a critical skill that allows individuals to take action on the thought oridea. In day to day activities, decision-making process is an crucial part (Baldwin, 2016). Aneffective decision can make the things right and leads to the success. On the other hand, anineffective decision can harm an individual or ruin the situation. During social welfare andsupport work, I learned various things regarding the importance of decision making whichassisted me in taking appropriate actions for managing social work and welfare. I also read aboutvarious models of decision-making process as well as core values of social work that are;individualisation, objectivity, confidentiality, self-determination, purposeful expression offeeling, acceptance, etc. In my academic career, the ethical decision-making process is key pointthat provide theoretically understanding what should consider or what should avoid. I learnedvarious decision-making model in social work and welfare such as; NASW code of ethics,CASW code of ethics, etc that will further help me in completion the task (Fook, 2016). Iobserved that in social worker, people are require to analyse the consequences comes whilemaking decision regarding their professional relationship, about clients, etc.FeelingsI was so excited as well as curious in the beginning to provide the best conclusion for thesocial work action. The best model will help individual in future to take decisions effectively.But there were many obstacles that appeared as difficulties in the completion of my work. I thinkevery social worker is responsible for focusing on ethical concerns when making decision.Initially I was so confident as I had the support of my seniors in the task (Baldwin, 2016). In my1
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opinion Ethical decision making is the prior responsibility of a social worker while taking anyaction and ensure that the actions are morally right. EvaluationFrom academic learning and social work practices, I evaluated that there are wide rangeof decision-making models which helps individual in ethical decision making. I took myknowledge forward and also took help from other secondary sources. Such as various books andinternet to understand the term in depth (Pantić, 2015). I also realised that the ethical decisionwill help the individual to maintain other's values and beliefs and to take effective social workactions. For that purpose, three models have been used from the various models. My role in thistask is to find out the best decision models in social work actions. The evidences and supportconsolidated my evaluating skills and put my basic knowledge into practices.I consider andevaluate various perspectives of authors on the decision-making models and strategies in socialwork that I feel is essential to consider by the social workers in practical life. From the survey, Igot to know that the aim of social workers is to maintain the extent of equality in their area andthey also aim to provide quality of life to the population, ensure the privacy and confidentialityand ensure that decisions make least harm to the people that related (Redmond, 2017).The NASW ethical code of conduct enable me in understanding the guidelines providedthat stated that social worker are require to maintain their professionalism and should avoid biasin decision-making. It helped me to understand the importance of respect, fairness with the co-workers.AnalysisAccording to (Fook, 2016) Ethical decision making is a crucial part of social workpractice. On the daily basis, social worker faces many ethical dilemmas that require thoughtfulreflection and critical thinking. An ethical dilemma is a choice between two actions based onconflicting professional values.There are two models suggested by (Redmond, 2017) that helps the individual to makedecisions ethically and effectively; Elaine Congress ETHIC Model for Decision-making andNASW code of ethics approach. The decision-making models consist various steps that decisionmakers in social work actions need to consider that reduce the high risk situations. Furthermore,it should be professionally grounded and morally correct. To come up with an appropriatedecision, they should establish a list of criteria used to evaluate their choices. By adopting this2
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