Jimmy Possum Furniture Company

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RUNNING HEAD: Decision making process1Decision making process
Decision making process2Introduction This report reflects the key understanding on the Decision making process JimmyPossum Furniture Company. This company is developed by two family people after havingbusiness experience from different organization. In this report, study has been conducted on thediction making process and its impact on the business. There are several internal and externalfactors which should be undertaken by organization before taking business decision.Effective decision making contributed for the success of Jimmy Possum Furniture CompanyDecision making is the process to select the best alternative out of available options. It isobserved that business man is the key person who takes all the strategic decisions for thebetterment of organization. Jimmy Possum Furniture Company has made strategic decisions asper the client’s needs and demand in determined approach. All the furniture’s and other stocksoffered by Jimmy Possum Furniture Company to its clients are customized by the company onbasis of clients’ needs and demand. This level of changes made by Margot and Alan Spalding arethe key managerial persons of Jimmy Possum Furniture Company who took all the strategicdecisions. After adopting customization strategic plans has resulted to increase in overallturnover and brand image of company. Therefore, it could be inferred that all the strategicdecisions taken by Margot and Alan Spalding are the key pillar for the success of organization.These decisions taken by Margot and Alan Spalding for the Jimmy Possum Furniture Companyhas resulted to attraction of clients towards the furniture offered by company to its clients. Inaddition to this, Margot also indulged in hiring women experts who will help organization to
Decision making process3customize its goods and services for the better satisfaction of clients. This could be inferred thatdecision taken by Margot to hire women employees is the best decision for the betterment oforganization (Triennia, Cagno and Farné, 2016).Decision to branch out from manufacturing into retailing and decision making processIt is considered that development of successful business enterprises required majordecisions. Jimmy Possum Furniture Company is indulged in manufacturing furniture’s and otherwooden structure for providing best quality of furniture to its clients. However, Jimmy Possumfurniture company with a view to expand its value chain activities, integrated its business tofurther level and developed more units by opening more joint ventures and retails stores. Theseretail stores are opened to establish direct connectivity to its clients for their better satisfactions(Aravopoulou and Malone, 2016). The decision of Jimmy Possum furniture company was takenby Margo and Alan by undertaking proper decision making process, starting with the analyzingthe need of opening of retails stores, assessing the client’s needs and their demand, formulationof strategic plans to open retails stores, implementation of formulated plans and follow upprocess to mitigate the found problems (Aioli, et al. 2014).Most important criteria to Spalding for making effective future for companyWith the ramified economic changes, many business organizations are coming up withtheir unique strategic plans to sell their furniture products and services to clients. The mainreason to Spalding for making effective future for Jimmy Possum Furniture Company was basedon the increasing cut throat competition and other rivals unique offering to attract clients

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