Deconstructing Problematic of International Development Aid

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Deconstructing the Problematic of International Development Aid;A Critical Assessment of South Punjab Region of Pakistan3.1. Project SummaryThis research is framed in the broader discipline of International Development and the role ofdevelopment non-government organizations (NGOs) particularly grassroots organizations(GROs), in the process of local development. This research is quite specific and dedicated tomicro-level perspectives rather than a bigger, macro-level debate. I have structured myresearch in the local context of development in the South Punjab region of Pakistan with afocus on the perspective of GROs: How development funding agencies are engaging with GROswhile setting up the agendas, designing, planning and implementing development strategies inSouth Punjab? The investigation further expands to analyze role of GROs in planning andmanaging projects and challenges faced by them during various phases of the project cycle. It isassumed that readers possess a fair understanding about issues concerning the politics ofdevelopment aid and the role of NGOs in this sector.3.2 Purpose of this ChapterIn order to get an insight of a contemporary world, this research is mounted inInterprativist/constructivist paradigm and post-development / Neo-Marxist lens will guide theinvestigation. The study is extractive in its nature, non-experimental design and exploratorycase study method approach directs the investigation. In order to collect and analyze data I willadopt a qualitative methods approach. After review of current literature, I intend to conduct 10in-depth interviews (Semi-structured) from directors/Managers of GROs in South Punjab. Fordata collection, I will use both random sampling and snowball sampling techniques and athematic analysis technique to analyze the data. The findings will be then translated anddocumented in the final chapter.In this chapter I will briefly describe the context, background, the research gap, researchquestion and aims which make this research project significant. In the next section I willelaborate above mentioned research approach, the choice of methodology including theparadigm, methods of data collection, recruitment procedure, participants, techniques of dataanalysis and limitations. This section will also cover a fair justification of choice of thisapproach/methods and critically inline them with proposed research problem. The last sectionwill elaborate claims of Trustworthiness, Ethics and finally conclusion of the chapter.3.3 Background:I am a community activist, development practitioner and social researcher in the field of“International Development”. As researcher I find myself standing in constructivist paradigm asI believe in multiple realities and meanings. I am a socialist, “son of soil” who drives energy
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