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Essay - Deconstruction Exercise Questions

Added on - 23 Feb 2020

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Running head: DECONSTRUCTION EXERCISE QUESTIONSDECONSTRUCTION EXERCISE QUESTIONSName of the StudentName of the universityAuthor’s note
1DECONSTRUCTION EXERCISE QUESTIONSWhy don’t aboriginal people take interest in their own health?The suggestion that aboriginal people doesn’t take interest on their own health will bediscussed critically in this essay. The question will be explored ideologically on the basis of thecolonial discursive practices which include factors like the privileges of the white people, thestereotypical assumptions and other factors. This essay aims to deconstruct the question andunearth the assumptions and the world’s perspective which resulted in the arising of thesequestions.Archaeologists believe that the Aboriginals first came to Australia around 45,000 yearsago. Before the invasion the aboriginal people lived throughout Australia. History suggests thatthe British invaded the land. And the loss of their land had posed a devastating effect on theaboriginal people (Lester and Dussart 2014). Today they still face the racist attitude. It has beenfound that aboriginal children were removed from their parents and were given to the Australianwhite families in order to remove the traces of the Australian culture. It has been reported thatthe Aboriginal people have a high rate of infant mortality. Today most of the aboriginals live inthe towns or the outskirts of the cities in horrible conditions (Freemanet al. 2014).All these factors let westerners to assume that the Aboriginals do not take care of theirhealth, but do not look after the underlying cause. The western viewpoint is taken for granted asa standard for evaluating a particular culture. According to the western ideals, the actual truthlies within those with power. But this essay will critically try to analyze the authenticity of thisquestion (Aspinet al. 2012).It is not true that the aboriginals do not interest in their own health. But there are certainreasons why aboriginal people do not get proper health support. Access barriers to the health care
2DECONSTRUCTION EXERCISE QUESTIONSfor the minority population can be stated as one of the reason. It has been reported that theAboriginal patients focus heavily on the social cultures and relationships. The aboriginals ofAustralia face a lot of problems regarding the chronic diseases. The mainstream health institutesare challenged by the giving accessible health care and efficient health care services to theaboriginal people with the serious illnesses. Lack of cultural safety among the health services cangive rise to patients avoiding contact which leaves the aboriginal people at late diagnosis of theserious illnesses (Dureyet al.2012).Researchers have found that the majority of the aboriginals consider their health beingimportant, although many perceived their health as being average. Approximately half of thetype of population was not happy with the food they consumed.The next factor that can be considered is the discrimination towards the aboriginal peoplewhen giving health care. Inequalities in health are due to the social inequalities. It can beconsidered as the social determinant of the healthy(Lester and Dussart 2014). Racism has beenknown to cause distrust among the aboriginals. Therefore they avoid the hospital based serviceor the services provided by the White Australians. They cannot rely on the type of care providedby the White Australians and therefore rely on the home based treatments that can lead toadverse conditions. This can be due to the lack of education, access to the capital resources,powerlessness, income, infrastructure, land and reconciliation (Lester and Dussart 2014). Thisleads to the avoidance of the screening and assessment, not present for the treatment, from thefear of being hospitalized. A survey found only a few visited the doctor due to the reasons liketooth ache. It was found that they used cigarette ashes for pain, used pliers or hands to removethe teeth and often a punch on the jaw by someone else. Majority of the population found it to beabsolutely comfortable to visit s doctor as when required except for a few who mentioned about
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